2015 Stage 4 Norrtälje GoKart PRIX Gokart För Alla

Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2015-06-02

Gokart PRIX stage 4 Gokart-for-alla winner Viktor Gars

Everybody was excited about upcoming first race in the wet weather conditions. There were 11 participants this time, and, since there were not enough gokarts for everyone, people have been racing in 2 groups. Q1 started right after the rain has ended. The track was wet, but it already started to dry out a little, and in top 5 were 4 participants from group 2. Only Anatoly Hramov was able to show group 1 how to drive on the wet track. But the fastest after Q1 was Karlis Ligeris.

Track was drying out fast, and therefore Q2 made the difference between two groups even bigger. Even Anatoly couldn’t handle the gap. Mr.Ligeris was again on top of the best times’ list. After a short while Organizers together with the track owners made a critical decision to drive a couple of laps in Q3 to make the conditions equal for both groups. This made qualification results totally different from what was after Q2 and raised dissatisfaction among some of the drivers. However, the race continued, and pole-position was taken by a Championship rookie Viktor Gars.

Final B started with another experiment – 2 rows with 3 gokarts stand in one line. Igor Scavlev lost his first position to another rookie Andreas Oldeskog, but was running right behind him for a while with hopes for an overtake. But he started to lose his pace, and Raitis Stankevics was the one to get Igor. From 6 drivers in Final B only first two ones were getting ticket to Final A. Andreas was far away in the front, but Raitis kept pressing Igor and on the last lap with a help of a bump, that made Igor spin, was able to get the desireable 2nd place. Igor lost another two positions and could get only 3 points for the 9th place.

In Final A Viktor took the lead right away. Anatoly was pressing him for several laps. Karlis Baumanis was driving 3rd on the first lap followed by Karlis L. Raitis was fighting Andreas behind and even forced him go off the track once. But in the next turn he made a mistake and spun. After this incident Raitis decided not to drive anymore and headed to the pits. But the race went on. Karlis L. took everything from his gokart and nicely overtook Karlis B. for the 3rd. Next target – Anatoly, who was fighting for the lead, but was forced to defend himself from the Championship leader. But Karlis L. was unstoppable. In the second hairpin he overtook the reigning champion for the 2nd. Next target – Viktor. But the race ended on that lap. Andreas almost took 4th place from Karlis B. but crossed the finish line for a tenth of a second behind.

Congratulations to Viktor Gars! Karlis Ligeris keeps getting more points in the front of the Championship. Anatoly switched places with Igor. And Viktor and Andreas stepped into TOP10. It were verycontradictory qualification sessions and very interesting finals. After this stage Organizers made some decisions in order to avoid some of the dissatisfactions in the future races. We live, we learn, we RACE! See you in Uppsala!


GoKart PRIX Stage 4 Results

GOKART FÖR ALLA Gokart PRIX Stage 4 Final

GOKART FÖR ALLA Gokart PRIX Stage 4 B Final

Andreas Oldeskog Onboard Camera, Final A

Anatoly Hramov Onboard Video, Warm Up + Qual_1

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