2015 Stage 5 Uppsala GoKart PRIX Rörken Motorstadion

Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2015-06-28

GoKart PRIX Stage 5 FewerUppsala GoKart PRIX met 10 professional gokart drivers from 3 different countries: Sweden, Poland and Latvia.
Extremely hot weather, warm heads and highly technical track - another challenge for championship drivers.
Race finished with a victory of GoKart PRIX rookie - Thomas Pettersson.
Silver medal and 4-th podium in a row celebrates championship leader Karlis Ligeris.
Second podium in a row celebrates Stage 4 winner Viktor Gars, by taking 3-rd place.

GoKart PRIX Stage 5 met 10 racers, but all of them are very experienced gokart drivers. Looking to their racing background, it was expected that everyone will qualify in 1 second.
However, gokarts technical conditions was so much different from each other, that only half of drivers was able to show their real speed. Additionally, due to hot surface, tyres conditions been changed after 2-3 laps, but not everyone reacted on that immediately.
Most successful in Qualification was Cezary Blawat, by setting day record in first heat: 53.537.
Following him, Martin Brzezinka and Joel Pettersson took 2nd and 3rd place.
Disappointed qualification for championship leaders: Ligeris, Scavlev and Hramov qualified only 4th, 7th and 8th accordingly.

Semi Final Lap1Semi Final start was another proof, that only professionals came to race this day. Ten drivers coming into turns side by side, changing their positions every second, and honestly talking, without serious crashes. That’s another high level of racing, and we would like to thank drivers for this show.
Cezary Blawat secured his first position and got a pole for Final start. Brothers Joel and Thomas Pettersson finished 2nd and 3rd. Most difficult Semi Final was for Karlis Ligeris, who got a slowest gokart Nr.1 and was only protecting his position during the race as much as it’s possible. Rescue checkered flag saved him 6-th position, but in case of 1more lap, he could be 8th.


Final race mixed all the cards. As a result of changing gokarts, slower drivers became fastest on the track, the same time Semi Final leaders lost their pace and started losing positions.
Most disappointing race for Joel Pettersson, who went from 2-nd place to the end of grid after crashing on lap 1.
Another disappointing session for Igor Scavlev: 10th starting position and slowest Nr.1 gokart. However, Igor enjoyed small duel with Joel in battle for 9th.
Longest, and, probably most interesting fight happens in battle for 5th between Martin Brzezinka and Anatoly Hramov. Martin was fast in turns, by magnificently controlling his tyres, but slower on the straight. Anatoly was faster on straight, thanks for powerful engine, but experienced huge oversteering in turns and losing a lot of time in the first sector. That was good example of fair play and side-by-side racing. Anatoly won this battle, finishing 5-th and definetly, Martin wish to replay it.
The main fight of the day, of course happens in battle for 1st between Thomas Pettersson and Karlis Ligers.
Thomas took the lead, by overtaking Pole position holder Cezary Blawat on lap 2. One lap later, Cezary was overtaken by Karlis Ligeris. At this point it was just 2 sec gap between Top 2 racers.
Even Karlis was fastest driver on the track, Thomas kept his pace high, and was leading the race 4 laps more. On lap 6 Karlis made the insane move in turn 11, and took the lead of this race.
But that wasn’t end of the battle. No one knows, where Thomas got an extra speed after this move, but he was following Karlis all the way during Final. On the last lap, Thomas payed Karlis with the same move in the same turn and won this battle just 2 turns before finish flag.
Stage5 AwardingSo, another exciting GoKart PRIX rewrote TOP 10 table.
Viktor Gars went up to 4th after 2 successful races. Thomas Pettersson 7-th after just one race. Andreas Oldeskog 10th after 2 races.




GoKart PRIX Stage 5 results

GoKart PRIX Stage 5 photos

GoKart PRIX Stage 5 Final Race onboard video by Andreas Oldeskog

Incidents Investigation:
We want to remind everyone, that we are racing with respect to each other and following safety rules. 
After Stage 5 GoKart PRIX racing direction investigated following incidents and made following decisions and penalties:

Incident 1
No/Driver: 1/Karlis Ligeris
Session: Semi-Final
Time: Lap 1 between turns 2 and 3
Fact: Incident between gokarts: 1 and 13. Pushing out of the track.
Offense:Confirm that driver Nr.1 disobeyed paragraph 1.8.5. of current Regulations by forcing driver nr. 13 drive off the track.
Decision: Issue an official WARNING to driver Karlis Ligeris which is mentioned in paragraph of current Regulations.

Incident 2
No/Driver: 18/Thomas Pettersson
Session: Semi-Final
Time: Lap 1 in turn 6
Fact: Incident between gokarts: 18 and 13. Pushing out of the track.
Offense: Confirm that driver Nr.18 disobeyed paragraph 1.8.5. of current Regulations by forcing driver nr. 13 drive off the track.
Decision:  Issue an official WARNING to driver Thomas Pettersson which is mentioned in paragraph of current Regulations

Incidents Video

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