Järfälla GoKart PRIX – 2015 Stage 6

Posted by FKC on 2015-07-27

It was a perfect sunny Saturday morning. Participants started to arrive at the track in Järfälla. There was already fika prepared for all to enjoy and get some energy before the race. This time only 8 racers participated in the event: championship’s top 3 alongside with Polish and Swedish rising stars. Due to renovation of track’s section its length was temporary shorter than usual. 4 turns were replaced by one new hair pin.

In qualification session it was Martin Brzezinka who showed the best lap time gaining his first pole position in GoKart PRIX. He was the only one who beat 40 seconds. Karlis Ligeris was the last with more than 6 seconds behind. But, as it was later discovered, this specific gokart Nr.1 had some technical problems. Igor Scavlev gained 2nd starting position in semi final followed by Anatoly Hramov.

Already during the first lap of semi final Martin secured his spot in the front, unlucky Roman Grigoryev was struggling with gokart Nr.1 in the back, while all others tried to gain or defend positions in a tight group. During the next few laps Karlis Ligeris was able to reach Igor and battle him for the 2nd. Anatoly had a good fight with Viktor Gars, and series’ rookie Jonas Stendahl was trying to reach them driving in the front of Karlis Baumanis. Martin easily came 1st, Karlis L. took 2nd spot from Igor, Viktor crossed the line a hundred of a second earlier then Anatoly. Then came Jonas, Karlis B. and Roman.

The final race had the same first lap scenario as semi final: with Martin away in the front, Roman away in the back, and all others fighting in the middle. This was possible mostly due to the fact that racers didn’t switched gokarts. Unfortunatly, it happened because of the tight time limits set for us by the track staff. Viktor Gars had a relly good start and was able to hang on a Martin’s tail. But not for long, because Karlis L. was hanging on his tail. Their battle was exactly what Martin needed to get away and what Igor needed to come closer to them. That created a battle of 3 gokarts chasing the 2nd place. At some point all of them were very slow in a corner, and Anatoly used this opportunity to gain 3 positions at once! Then he made a little mistake on the braking, and Karlis get an advantage from that. In the beginning of the last lap Mr.Ligeris secured his 2nd position. Then came Gars-Hramov-Scavlev. This battle was won by Igor who crossed the finish line on P3, tightly followed by Anatoly and Victor. Jonas had some fight with Mr.Baumanis in the beginning, but then he ended the race 6th. Unlucky Roman came the last. But the whole race was dominated by Martin Brzezinka who gained his first victory in this championship. And that made 5 different winners this season so far. Karlis Ligeris gained some more points advantage in the total standings, and Igor Scavlev is finally back on the podium.

What a great race in a great day! We look forward to have more of those. See you all in Enköping on the 29th of August!

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7 Alfredo Wang Pallin
8 Igor Scavlev
9 Anatoly Hramov