2015 Globen GoKart PRIX – Stage 1 – Gokart Stockholm Globen (indoor) – 28.02.2015

Posted by FKC on 2015-02-28

Welcome, everybody, to our new season! Now it has been officially started. New name, new website and new points system we can offer this year. Stage 1 has been held on the new Gokart Stockholm’s indoor tack in Globen Arena area. The racing format we have chosen is Qual1 + Qual2 + Race, which is a regular format for indoor tracks. There were only 9 participants this time, and everybody were on the track at the same time. Raitis Stankevics didn’t race, and that gave the opportunity to others to stand on the podium.

Igor Scavlev was the fastest in Q1. In Q2 almost everybody managed to improve their lap times. It were Oskars Karlsons and Igor whose Q2 session didn’t bring any improvement. But Igor’s time shown in Q1 was surprisingly enough to get pole position, his first in the Championship. For Oskars it was broken kart’s steering that failed him. Matiss Neilands managed to beat Anatoly’s lap time and became 2nd on the grid. For a GoKart PRIX rookie Edgars Rusins Q1 was a disaster. In Q2, however, he was able to be faster for almost 0.8 of the second, but that gave him only the 8th starting position. Almost the same amount of time could kill Dainis Sokolovs who ended up 4th.

Yet another new thing in our Championship was a rolling start in the Race session. Right after the pace car jumped into the pits, 270cc engines got louder, and race has been started. Anatoly right away made a move on Matiss in turn 3 and succeeded. This light slowdown gave a good opportunity for Igor to make a comfortable gap. Janis Neilands overtook Dainis for the 4th. Both Janis and Matiss were now on the Anatoly’s tail. Oskars were able to overtake Rihards Sparinskis and then Dainis, who then lost yet another position to Rihards. In the back Maris was chasing Edgars, but 14 laps wasn’t enough for him, and he ended up 9th. Oskars, Rihards and Dainis finished 5th, 6th and 7th respectivly. Janis and Matiss were fighting each other and at the same time were trying to fight Anatoly, who was defending his position very well. As a result, Janis - 4th, Matiss – 3rd, Anatoly – 2nd. Igor wasn’t fighting with anyone. His job was to bring his kart home untouched and unmistaken. He did it good and got himself 1st place and unofficial “Grand Slam” status, as he also set the fastest lap time in the race.

See you in a month on Stage 2!

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3 Niklas Enholm
4 Mattias Norling