Västerås GoKart PRIX - 2015 Stage 8

Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2015-10-02

Very nice track Hälla Ring welcomed us on Saturday, September 26th for stage 8 of our season 2015. Karlis Ligeris was still having some troubles with his licence, therefore couldn’t participate this time either. Igor Scavlev replaced Anatoly Hramov for this event. There were 12 racers participating in 2 groups.

In group 1 in qualification session Igor showed the best lap time, but 4 of 6 racers from group 2 could beat his time on warmer tyres. So pole position was taken by last race’s winner Martin Krus.

Semi-final group 1: No positions were switched during the start. Martin Krus took a good pace from the pole. He was followed by Cezary Blawat all the time but was able to keep his position until the finish. Both Viktor Gars and Andreas Oldeskog overtook Igor after turn 3.

Semi-final group 2: Martin Brzezinka overslept the start and found himself almost the last after turn 1. Jonas Stendahl moved to the 2nd position starting 4th. Slawomir Wachowski also had a great start – from 6th to P3. Martin was getting back his positions one-by-one, but he couldn’t reach the leader Robert Ulmanski. Slawomir and Jarek Kwapisz switched places a couple of times, and later, on the last lap, both of them were able to reach and overtake Jonas.

Final B: Andreas got leadership already from the start, followed by Adam Mietus. Jarek and Igor lost some places. Jonas made a good move on Igor and Adam after turn 3. The only battle after lap 2 was between Igor and Adam. Igor stayed in the front. Adam could reach him several times, but made more mistakes and could finish only 5th. By winning this heat Andreas was promoted to Final A to race for medals.

Final A: Martin Krus was leading from the pole position again followed by Cezary like in semi-final. Slawomir was on P4 and was fighting with Robert for the podium, while Martin B. was constantly under attacks from Andreas, but, luckily for Martin, unsuccessful ones. The last lap, like it often happens, made some changes in running order: Slawomir lost 2 positions in a beautiful fight to Martin B. and Andreas. Robert kept his 3rd position. Cezary crossed the finish line on P2. And Martin Krus got his 2nd victory in a row!

Another race passed, and it was the last stage on outdoor track of this season. We are going to have 2 more races indoors before we can congratulate the champion. Still very good chances has Karlis Ligeris. Gokart Stockholm and O’Learys Kista Event Center will be the places for us to race again. Thank you all for your participation and see you there!

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Registered Drivers
1 Christer Ekman
2 Slawomir Wachowski
3 Niklas Enholm
4 Mattias Norling
5 Rasmus Westerberg
6 Mikael Rengfelt
7 Alfredo Wang Pallin
8 Igor Scavlev
9 Anatoly Hramov