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Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2015-11-09

Saturday, 31 Oktober, GoKart PRIX returned to the indoor part of the season.
"Gokart Stockholm" opened it's doors for 2015 Stage 9.
As usually, race setup for indoor track switched to QQR Format with two qualifications and final race.
12 racers arrived to stage 9, including 3 rookie drivers: Antons Gulans, Janis Kalnins, Tadeusz Kubiczek.

Qualification 1.
Heat 1 started with cold tires and slippery track. Not everyone managed to find a good pace in those conditions, and the gap between first and last place was 1.627 sec.
However, TOP 6 racers went into a 0.331 sec interval. Best of them was Martin Krus with 22.968, who was the only one went below 23 seconds.
Martin Brzezinka secured 2-nd position, followed by Karlis Ligeris and championship rookie Tadeusz Kubiczek. 
Qualification 2.
Even track conditions became better, it looks like several participants squized their maximum already in Heat 1.
Andreas, Igor, Karlis and Viktor were not able to improve their best result.
Being honest, other drivers improved their times just a little.
Funny imrovements owners:
Martin Brzezinka: -0.099 sec
Anatoly Hramov: -0.040 sec
Janis Kalnins: -0.014 sec
And again, fastest lap set by martin Krus: 22.707 - new day record. Martin Brzezinka secured second.
Tadeusz set 3-rd fastest lap and kicked Karlis to 4-th position. Antons Gulans and Andreas Oldeskog moved Igor to the 9-th place straight after them. 

Final Race.
Most interesting part of this event is about to start. 
Drivers changed gokarts without any understanding of their performance. 
Slowly going out of the PIT, following Pace Gokart. Managing to warm tires as much as possible. Ready! Steady! GO!!!

Pace kart comes into the PIT and race started. That moment when you can see real difference between gokarts. This time Karlis Ligeris felt it most. Immediately after the terrible start, he became a head of pendeltåg with 8 drivers in a chain. First to overtake him was Anatoly, who did it on a later braking after long straight. Viktor Gars used that move to take a better line and passed Karlis by the end of first lap. After that, Karlis was more sucessfull in securing his position, until Igor Scavlev riched him. Trying to make same move on later braking, Igor was too much late with braking, what resulted with a crash between two drivers and Karlis lost 2 more positions. For some strange reason, track marshals left this incident without any attention. Therefore, GoKart PRIX racing direction started investigation of Fact: Incident between gokarts: 5 and 8. Causing collision.

Another performance problems experienced Tadeusz Kubiczek. Starting from 3-rd place, he was not able to follow two Martins. Anatoly and Viktor, fighting each other by the way, reached him during 3 laps and started their attacks. 
First attempt from Anatoly was not sucessfull. He bumped Tadeusz, forcing him out of racing line and, understanding his mistake, released pedal, returning position back to Tadeusz. That incident was  used by Viktor, who passed them both in the battle for 3-rd. But that was not an end of battle. During next lap Anatoly passed Tadeusz, this time making it clearly. And one lap after, sucessfully overtook Viktor, bringing himself on a podium. 

Interview - Anatoly Hramov:
 - I did not expect Tadeusz to be so slow in this turn, and I've bumped him quite heavy. Then I had to return position. It was not surprise, that Viktor went through, but I had to return position...
 But I was really surprised later, when Viktor went wide in last turn, opening inside line on start/finish straight. I am also not waiting for second invitation.
Battle for the first.
Martin Krus started from pole position and also experienced performance problems. Martin Brzezinka was more lucky with gokart selection, but it took hard time to realize it's speed into the 1-st place. 
Both Martins went 12 seconds away from nearest follower Anatoly Hramov and, even fighting each other, set 2 best laps of this race. 
Exciting race of two professionals, who were racing in their own ligue this time. 
We've asked Martin Brzezinka to describe his race.
Interview - Martin Brzezinka:
 - I was on Krus the whole time and touched him several times. Like 20 or 30 :)
He was lucky with gokarts in qualifying but in final, he got not the best kart and he told me afterwards he knew he would need to defend himself the whole race. 
And he did it until 3 laps before the end of race.
I finally overtook him after he was too wide in corner 2.
We were side by side from corner 4.
He fought good and hold his throttle 100% until corner 6 (beginning of the long straight) 
I was there on the inside and he was left behind.
I've also lapped two last racers before finish, surprised that staff did not show a blue flag even once.

Thanks everyone for participating and hope to see you all on final battle in Kista.

Race results

Final Race Video by Andreas Oldeskog

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