Kista GoKart PRIX - 2015 Stage 10

Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2015-12-18

Hello, Racers!
We apologize for interrupting our articles, but after Stage 10, we really needed to decide some things internally.
The main, of course, was incidents. It looks that now we have our own “Bottas-Raikkonen” pair, who like to meet each other in tightest place of the track. The results usually lead us to investigation. However, decisions are made and published. Hopefully, no one will repeat something similar.
Besides of that, Stage 10 was full of emotions, since it was the first time in GoKart PRIX history when drivers were allowed to drive Gear 4 in Final.  That was unique opportunity, which was given before only to the best drivers of O’Learys Kista Gokart and only during SPRINT CUP events. 

As usually for indoor tracks, race format was QQR. Eleven drivers started their battle for pole position driving on Gear 3.
First Session finished with a convincing victory of Karlis Ligeris (29.015 sec). Following him, ambitions to podium showed Anatoly Hramov (29.207 sec) and Viktor Gars (29.828 sec). 
Despite the fact that Karlis was not able to improve his result in second session, this lap time was enough to secure Pole position and get one extra point. Anatoly improved his result just a little (29.183) and secured 2nd starting position. Martin Brzezinka (29.358 sec) improved his result by 1.2 sec and took 3rd spot on the start.

Final B.
As we promised, Final was a difficult and impressive challenge for drivers.
When Final B started on Gear 4, everyone seemed to completely lose their understanding of “how to drive this”. First two laps were all about mistakes on braking, drifting in turns, spins and lots of overtaking.
Viktor Gars took the lead on Lap 1, successfully using mistake of Andreas. During all race long Andreas and Viktor were fighting each other, but this round was won by Andreas, who got the ticket to Final A. He also became a “Day Hero” by setting best lap of the race (28.573).
Three positions up in this race for Mats Eriksson. Good Job! 
GoKart PRIX rookie drivers Mariusz Zagorny and Tomas Jancauskas played their micro-duel in the fight for 10th place and strongly improved their lap times. Very well for beginning!

Final A.
And again, very confusing start on Gear 4, even for experienced drivers. Championship TOP 4 drivers followed by Slawomir Wachowski and Andreas Oldeskog started their race for final points in this season. 
Successful start for Karlis Ligeris, who secured his leadership on the first lap. Martin Krus went to 2nd place (+2 pos) just two turns after the start followed by Slawomir (+2 pos). Disappointing start for Anatoly, who “opened the door” in turn 2 and lost three positions in a row. Martin Brzezinka struggled straight after Anatoly and went down to the 6th place (-3 pos). 
Lap 2: It’s Karlis Ligeris, championship leader, who spun in turn 1 letting 4 other drivers come through! 
This was the main intrigue of the season, since Karlis could lose his Championship title. Race standings by the end of lap 2 were like this: Martin Krus 1st, Slawomir 2nd, Andreas 3rd, and… it’s Anatoly who overtook Andreas and gained P3 after turn 2. 
Bets are very high. If Anatoly wins this race, he gets a title. But there are two more drivers in the front who definitely wouldn’t like this idea.
Lap 3: Anatoly is still behind Slawomir followed by Andreas, Karlis and Martin Brzezinka. Time is going very slow, every second Martin is farther and farther away and… done! Slawomir gets passed by both Anatoly and Andreas. 
But that was pretty much the end of the battle for championship title. Martin Krus already made a very good gap (around 10 seconds) and finished on the first place without any fight. Anatoly spent the rest of the race alone and finished 2nd.
Andreas had strong ambitions for the podium, until his gokart lost power.

Interview - Andreas Oldeskog: This was an eventful final to say the least.
I got upgraded from the Final B so I was starting last in Final A, on 6th position. In the third corner of the first lap a lot of karts got stuck together which opened up a position for me to sneak through. This got me to 4th position. Eventually catching up another one to 3rd position. This felt great, and there was also a gap to the kart behind. Maintaining this position should be a matter of staying consistent.
Then, out of nowhere, the kart started cogging down going slower and slower. Karts overtaking me one by one. Eventually, I was slower than "Gear 3" speeds. My guess is that the battery went empty... Great timing. I went from 6th to 3rd, and back to 5th, and then 6th on last 20m from finish line...”

Another serious battle happened between Karlis Ligeris and Martin Brzezinka for P5.
Like two F1 stars, as mentioned above, they made two incidents in a row in one and the same place.
From regulations point of view, it was 60%-40% and 40%-60% responsibility for both drivers.  
So we would like to pay your special attention to this fact: We are here to race, not to kill each other! Take it easy!
Overall, it was the great race which is really worth the season finale! We would like to thank O’Learys Kista Gokart staff for helping organizing this event! Merry X-mas to everyone and wait for the news updates! We have some very interesting stuff to share with you during the off-season.

Race results

Final A Race Video by Andreas Oldeskog

Final B Race Video by Andreas Oldeskog

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