Karlis Ligeris won Challenge Cup

Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2016-02-01

This year’s Challenge CUP connected 17 participants. 4 new drivers joined us for this event. Three groups have been settled up prioritized by GoKart PRIX experience. TOP20 went to the end of the list, giving new incomers ability to warm up the track. 
The race set-up was TA6 – racers for six heats in the row were challenging each other in setting best lap. Then the sum of driver’s all best times showed in each heat was the measure that was counted.
Apparently, conditions were not so simple, like Race set-up says. Since everyone was driving Gear 4, batteries went down very fast.  4-minutes breaks was less then a minimum to recharge batteries up to normal state. 
As a result, maximum engine power was only available on lap 1-2, when tires are completely cold. Then, once tires started working, gokarts were loosing power more and more, even switching to gear 3 because of low power. Since no one expected that, a lot of good drivers didn't realize their skills. But those, who understood game rules from very beginning, dramatically increased their chances to win. Well, another experience for organizers and racers. Now we know some issues with electric gokarts and definetely will be prepared for it in the future.
Apart of that, event atmosphere was very positive. Everyone who came to the race after long delay, felt like: "Home, sweet home....".

It was predictable that leaders of the final standings were from group 3. However, some dark horses spotted between new drivers. Antons Gulans was always in TOP2 of his group after every heat. He even was in TOP3 of all after heat 4. Alongside Antons there was GoKart PRIX newcomer Bart van Wijngaarden, a Dutch racer who travels around Europe searching for the best championships on the continent. He was able to show impressive results in his group and he ended up 6th.

Looks like Martin Krus didn’t please the racing gods that day, so he was struggling with almost every gokart he was driving. As a result, only P15. Igor Scavlev wasn’t able to show his real speed either and finished only 11th. But TOP3 consisted of the familiar names. The 3rd best was last year’s Challenge CUP winner Anatoly Hramov leading Antons only by 0,097 total seconds. Second place confidently took Martin Brzezinka. But the best of the best this year was Karlis Ligeris! He was leading all heats and brought Martin the whole 1,404 total seconds. In heat 6 he even set the new GoKart PRIX record of this track. Karlis took the travelling Challenge Cup as well as GoKart PRIX Season 2015 Champion title. Congrats, Karlis!

That was official finish of season 2015. 
Medals and Cups found their owners. Challenge Cup travelled to Karlis Ligeris and remain at his home until January 2017. We went through electric phase and now returning to the old known gasoline engines. But... we found something what you didn't try before. Let's say, most of you didn't try. We mean Ice Kart. Driving on ice and snow with winter tyres.

Sounds interesting?

Well, apply yourself for the GoKart PRIX 2016 Stage 1 and let's cross the fingers, that weather will turn into winter conditions. 
More info ongoing.

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