Gävle GoKart PRIX is cancelled. Sälen GoKart PRIX is coming in 3 weeks

Posted by FKC on 2016-02-07

Sälen icekart

Hello Racers!

We' are really looking forward to start our new season! And the first race we planned is a snow race! It has been scheduled for next Saturday, February the 13th in Gävle Motorstadion Rörberg. But right now we are in the power of Mother Nature who has decided that there will be no proper winter at the moment. Due to this fact we have to announce with regret that Gävle GoKart PRIX is cancelled...
However, we still won't give up on winter racing and next race is scheduled for the February 27th (Saturday) on the ice of the small pond up north in Sälen. We would really recommend you to apply for this race and check that your phone numbers and e-mail addresses registered on our website are up to date! In this case we will make sure that you will receive the latest update about the upcoming event!
Please note that registration will start over. It means that those who has applied for Gävle race should re-apply for Sälen race instead, in case they're going to participate there. For us it is also very important to know how many people are going to race before we head far away to the place. There is one condition in order this race to happen - there should be minimum of 9 people participating! And we need this amount of drivers applied by Wednesday, 24th of February.
You can also send e-mail to info@gokartprix.se or call +46 (0) 76 429 0732 or +46 (0) 73 618 0750 if you have any questions!
Little about ice race. If you have never tried snow/ice gokarting, then we can just tell you that you will get a lots of fun! We will try different race set up specially for this event, where there will be no timing, just pure racing for several heats followed by grand final. A little peace of advise: forget what you know about driving gokart! :)
Have a nice week, and prepare your warm clothes since up north there's still winter!

Race details:

Date: 27.02.2016
Adress:  Fjällvägen, 780 67 Sälen

Price: 500 SEK (please cash only, no cards)
Setup: RX (Winter Special)
Direction: Clockwise
Weather forecast: -4°C, Cloudy. Wind SSW 9 km/h  
Awards: medals for Top 6 and championship points

Race agenda:
Registration : 13.00
Safety briefing: 13.40
Qualifications: 14.00
Finals: 15.00
Awarding 15.50

NOTE! Agenda might be changed during the race.

Track info:
Name: Sätertjärn (frozen pond)
Status: Winter
Length: -
Racing direction: -
GoKart PRIX lap record: -
Previous winners: -
Location: Fjällvägen, 780 67 Sälen
GPS: 61.178765, 12.983923
Distance from Stockholm: approx. 415 km

About Gokart PRIX challenge.
GoKart Prix is a hobby kart amateur movement in Stockholm, the involvement of people who love auto racing and have a desire to take part in simple and cost-less racing competitions, without serious investing of time, money and knowledge.
It is very democratic championship, as it happens with a specially produced safe rental go-karts.
GoKart PRIX is open for anyone who wants to ride.

Next Race
2019 Kista GoKart PRIX O'Learys Stockholm Kista Event Center

Race Start In

Registered Drivers
1 Christer Ekman
2 Slawomir Wachowski
3 Niklas Enholm
4 Mattias Norling
5 Rasmus Westerberg
6 Mikael Rengfelt
7 Alfredo Wang Pallin
8 Igor Scavlev
9 Anatoly Hramov