Cezary breaks away as he wins Gävle GoKart PRIX + Incidents Video

Posted by FKC on 2016-05-16

Gävle GoKart PRIX Winners

It was great sunny day in Rörberg. Nine drivers took their seats in gokarts and went out on the track to show their best lap times. 6 laps passed by quickly, and it was Viktor Gars who was the only one who made it faster than in 50 seconds. He took a pole for semi-final race as well as 1 additional point into his pocket. Last race's quickest man Mariusz Rozanski this time was the last by losing almost 3 seconds to Viktor. Mariusz then said his gokart just didn't want to accelerate fast enough.





Nr Name Best lap time Kart
1 Viktor Gars 49,850 2
2 Emil Östman 50,190 6
3 Cezary Blawat 50,620 7
4 Antons Gulans 50,700 1
5 Andreas Oldeskog 50,930 4
6 Igor Scavlev 50,950 3
7 Tomas Jancauskas 51,410 14
8 Marcin Piwonski 51,880 8
9 Mariusz Rozanski 52,450 9


To prove his point Mariusz started semi final very good by overtaking two drivers at once. It was a great start for Andreas Oldeskog as well, who by the end of the 1st lap already jumped from 5th to 2nd. He kept his position till the end of the session. Pole sitter Viktor Gars had a good pace, and hasn't been fighting with anyone. That helped him finish this race 1st. Championship rookie Emil Östman was struggling with his gokart. He lost two positions but was able to hold Mariusz Rozanski who gained two more spots and became this session's most gainer. By the way, Emil was driving gokart #9 which wasn't showing a good performance. Tomas Jancauskas had a good chance to fight for P4, but being a victim of a couple of incidents (one of them was investigated by race control) dropped him to the last place. Igor Scavlev had another dradful start from the 6th and let everybody pass him. He then could regain 2 spots, but not more.

Nr Name Kart Start POS Change
1 Viktor Gars 1 1 =
2 Andreas Oldeskog 2 5 +3
3 Cezary Blawat 4 3 =
4 Emil Östman 9 2 -2
5 Mariusz Rozanski 8 9 +4
6 Antons Gulans 3 4 -2
7 Igor Scavlev 6 6 -1
8 Marcin Piwonski 14 8 =
9 Tomas Jancauskas 7 7 -2



On the first lap after the start there were battles on every level. In the back Igor after another bad start was trying to take over Marcin Piwonski. But it was almost impossible since Igor was driving... kart #9. Unlucky. In the middle of the pack Mariusz and Antons Gulans had a quarrel about who should be the 5th. Emil was trying to keep up behind Cezary Blawat. And in the front Andreas fought with Viktor for the leadership. Once Mr. Oldeskog became leader he lost it right away to Cezary and received official warning in the episode where it might seem that he didn't perform any incorrect moves. But race control had another opinion on this. Then Cezary made a little mistake and hit one the cones which were located on the edge of the track. This cone jumped on the track and stayed exactly on the racing line. There were no yellow flags showed and race continued as it is. After Cezary's mistake Andreas almost got him, but Mr. Blawat kept his leader position and made it to the finish line. With this victory and absense of his main rivals Martin Krus and Anatoly Hramov, he made a serious gap in the leader board. Emil Östman finished 4th in his debut race. Another rookie Marcin Powonski gained 2 positions and became 6th. Mr. Rozanski for the second time in a row finished on P7. Igor Scavlev almost got overlapped and crossed the line last.


Nr Name Kart Start POS Change
1 Cezary Blawat 2 3 +2
2 Andreas Oldeskog 1 2 =
3 Viktor Gars 3 1 -2
4 Emil Östman 8 4 =
5 Antons Gulans 6 6 +1
6 Marcin Piwonski 7 8 +2
7 Mariusz Rozanski 14 5 -2
8 Tomas Jancauskas 4 9 +1
9 Igor Scavlev 9 7 -2



We would like to thank Tomas Jancauskas, Andreas Oldeskog and Cezary Blawat for providing us with their video footage and pictures! It would be great to have more participants for our races, so we could drive in groups and reduce the risk of using gokarts with lower performance. See you on 28th of May at Linköpings Motorstadion!

Inidents Investigation Video


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