2015 Stage 2 Frihamnen GoKartPrix 28-Mar-2015 SMC Gokart

Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2015-03-29

Awarding Stage 2

Karlis Ligeris celebrated his first victory since 2014 GP4.
Oskars Karlsons won the qualification.
Anatoly Hramov and Igor Scavlev missed race.
That are some of sensational news about Frihamnen Gokart PRIX Stage 2 in SMC Gokart...

It is started with smallest amount of drivers ever in Championship history, as only 6 drivers arrived to the track. That was actually a problem, since booking was made for group of 15-20 persons. This is something, what we need to avoid in the future, and we do our best to deal with it. Anyway, Race started, but problems did not finish with this. Some technical issue with timing system made impossible the Idea of Time Attack Race, since several drivers finished without time.  

Meaning that, Race setup has been changed to QQR and drivers went to fight for positions. Oskars Karlsons, starting from his first pole was unable to secure his position and went down to 3-rd. Karlis Ligeris, who lost his second place on start, showed good temp and overtook both Oskars and Raitis. Mr. Stankevics never change his traditions and scoring points for 2-nd place one more time.

Position 4 occupied by Karlis Baumanis, who was unable to catch Oskars. Following him, two rookie drivers: Edgars Polencs and Rolands Andersons collected their first points by taking 5-th and 6-th places accordingly.

Kindly follow this link to see 2015 Stage2 Frihamnen GokartPRIX results

Important Changes 

Starting from next stage, registration will be closed 3 days before the race. It should be OK for making most recent changes in booking.  Drivers who did not apply for the race, will not participate. Please accept this as a requirement.


Next Race
2019 Kista GoKart PRIX O'Learys Stockholm Kista Event Center

Race Start In

Registered Drivers
1 Christer Ekman
2 Slawomir Wachowski
3 Niklas Enholm
4 Mattias Norling