Anatoly Hramov celebrates victory in Linköping

Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2016-06-05

Linkoping Motorstadion GoKart PRIX Stage 4 winners

Hello, racers.

GoKart PRIX Stage 4 in Linkoping was amazing event from any point of view.

Great track, minimum difference in GoKart performance, equal weight for all drivers and great battles.

We can write a lot about the race, but it’s much better to watch it on video (see links below).

Again, some racers forced us to investigate incidents and give a couple of warnings, this job have been done so far and results are published as official.

Second time this season we are driving with equal weight for all drivers. Together with very similar in performance gokarts, might clearly say, that drivers pace was only depending of their skills. However, in real life not everyone went through this challenge successfully.


In qualification difference between best lap and last place was 2.94 sec, which is a quite big gap. Most probably, this huge difference raised by difficult weather conditions. Straight after drivers launched their engines, a light rain started, after 3 laps it became stronger and finished by the end of qualification. We have no precise recording of changing the track conditions, but there is interesting fact: all drivers set their best laps during laps 3 and 4, except Igor Scavlev, who squeezed maximum from his kart Nr. 6 on Lap 2. Martin Brzezinka and Cezary Blawat played micro duel in their own league. Being 1 second faster than anybody else, Martin still was 0.34 sec slower than Cezary, who secured his second Pole this season. Well, experience making sense…


Semi Final was full of battles on all levels. Battle for 1-st, battle for 6-th, for 9-th… everywhere on the track participants were fighting each other. Since equal weight doesn’t give an advantage in accelerating, it was highly important to follow best racing practices. Honestly saying, most of the drivers enjoyed interesting and fair battle, except several incidents. Oskars Karlsons, who started from the last and gained 5 positions while quite aggressive driving, was nearly disqualified for his behavior. However, deeper and honest investigation (see below) resulted with giving this driver 2 warnings, now Oskars scored more warnings this season than anybody else.

Very hard fight happened between first 3 drivers, who spent semi-final in every-lap battle between each other. Starting from 3-rd, Anatoly Hramov occasionally found himself able to keep the pace of Cezary and Martin.  Already on first lap Anatoly made 2 attacks on Martin, both unsuccessful and with light contact, what forced him to release pedal. While Martin successfully secured his 2-nd place, he was also able to move himself on the top. Cezary made a very early braking in 2-nd turn, as a result, passed through both followers and started following them himself. Even Martin was slower than his followers, he was securing his position very well and until lap 10 still was on the top. Whatever Hramov and Blawat tried to do, Martin precisely controlled the race and kept on top. But Anatoly found a weakness in his defense and made a brave move on last lap, getting the lead under checkered flag.


Well, worth of thousand words, really… Just have a look on videos of Andreas and Cezary.

There is nothing else to write, just watch and enjoy great battle, curious overtaking, responsible side-by-side racing, respecting each other and simply fair racing. 

Great day on the great track.

First victory for Anatoly Hramov since October 2014 (SMC Gokart)! This moved him to the 2-nd place in overall standings.

Martin Brzezinka, following his 2-nd position, moved up to Championship Top 3. Karlis Ligeris and Martin Krus went down in standings, but Emil Östman almost reached TOP 10, by taking 3-rd place just 0.07 sec before finish flag.

Thanks everybody for great race and see you in Uppsala at Stage 5!

Incidents Video by GoKart PRIX

Semi Final Video by Andreas Oldeskog

Final Video by Andreas Oldeskog

Final Video by Cezary Blawat

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