2016 Enköping GoKart PRIX – Stage 6 – Enköpings Kartingbana

Posted by FKC on 2016-08-09

Enköping GoKart PRIX winner Cezary

It was a nice sunny day. Track was occupied by other gokart series’ drivers who had their practice. And when it was time for GoKart PRIX drivers to start qualification, heavy rain dropped down on the track. It got calmer when qualification started. Participants were testing their limits. Many of them spun. But after 7 laps it was Cezary Blawat who took the pole-position. He was almost half a second faster than runner-up Emil Östman. Outside the track there was fika for all participants since GoKart PRIX was celebrating 2 years. To picture this special moment Organizers prepared special medals, podium drink and t-shirts for podium takers. There was a big chance to take it since there were only 8 drivers participating.


Nr Name Best lap time Kart
1 Cezary Blawat 55,518 3
2 Emil Ostman 56,008 1
3 Anatoly Hramov 56,054 4
4 Tomas Jancauskas 56,589 6
5 Igor Scavlev 56,609 2
6 Oskars Karlsons 56,714 8
7 Viktor Gars 57,112 7
8 Andreas Oldeskog 57,406 5


In the semi final the there was no rain already, but the track was still wet. On the first lap Anatoly Hramov decided to take the lead, but Cezary took his position back right away and left his opponent slide out of the track. Right behind Cezary there was battle all the way between Mr.Östman and Igor Scavlev. They have been taking away positions from each other several times. Andreas Oldeskog who was fallowing them wanted to take advantage of that battle, but made a mistake and lost it. Tomas Jancauskas took many risky moves and found himself on the grass not even once. On the final lap Igor was in the front of Emil, but under pressure put his kart into the spin and lost his position. But Anatoly showed the biggest entertainment by crashing into the tyres after the main straight. Session was won by Mr.Blawat who was really looking forward to the final race.


Nr Name Kart Start POS Change
1 Cezary Blawat 1 1 =
2 Emil Ostman 6 2 =
3 Igor Scavlev 4 5 +2
4 Viktor Gars 3 7 +3
5 Oskars Karlsons 5 6 +1
6 Andreas Oldeskog 7 8 +2
7 Anatoly Hramov 8 3 -4
8 Tomas Jancauskas 2 4 -4

Cezary took the great start. Emil was right behind him. Viktor Gars passed Igor for the 3rd. Mr.Scavlev didn’t feel stable in his gokart. No wonder, it was the same one that crashed earlier. He was running slower than others and created a “train” of other drivers behind himself. Oskars Karlsons collapsed it when he spun and dropped down. But in the front of that group Viktor was fighting Emil for the 2nd and took it. Finally Tomas’s strategy has paid off. He already knew his limits after spinning a lot in the previous sessions and started to take advantage from it. By the second lap he was already 4th. Anatoly felt the strengh in his gokart and overtook his opponents one by one after being last on lap 1. The track was getting drier and gave drivers more grip. In the front there was a three-way fight. As a result of it Viktor let Emil and Tomas through. Then Anatoly was also there to take P4 away. Next one to overtake Viktor was Igor. But he wasn’t happy for long. Viktor took this position back, and Andreas was right behing to pass Igor as well. Anatoly made great move on Tomas for the 3rd. And race leader Cezary Blawat never looked back and took his 3rd victory of the season.


Nr Name Kart Start POS Change
1 Cezary Blawat 6 1 =
2 Emil Ostman 2 2 =
3 Anatoly Hramov 5 7 +4
4 Tomas Jancauskas 4 8 +4
5 Viktor Gars 1 4 -1
6 Andreas Oldeskog 3 6 =
7 Igor Scavlev 8 3 -4
8 Oskars Karlsons 7 5 -3

It was a great race in difficult track conditions, and surprisingly there were no accidents that requiered investigation. Great job! After this race Cezary is 28 points away from his closest follower Martin Brzezinka. Emil went up to P5, and Tomas got his first medal!

Championship Organizers would like to thank Enköpings Kartingbana staff for support! Also thanks to Tomas Jancauskas for video footage! Next race will be Västerås GoKart PRIX at Hälla Ring on the 21st of August.

Final Race Video by Tomas Jancauskas

Enköping GoKart PRIX Photos

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