Martin Brzezinka celebrates victory in Västerås

Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2016-08-22

Västerås GoKart PRIX winners in Hälla ring

The rain was predicted that day. There were many dark clouds over the track and some wet sections on it. But there was no rain. Not at all. And qualification sessions had started. 14 racers participated in this stage. They were splitted in two groups. Group 1 went out there on cold tyres and couldn’t show the best lap times, where racers in Group 2 could do it. In the end of sessions it was Slawomir Wachowski who took first pole position in his GKP career.


Qualification Results    
Nr Name Best lap time Kart
1 Slawomir Wachowski 47,336 11
2 Martin Brzezinka 47,629 9
3 Cezary Blawat 47,676 5
4 Anatoly Hramov 47,717 12
5 Paulius Poska 47,916 11
6 Andreas Oldeskog 47,991 7
7 Emil Ostman 48,054 14
8 Tomas Jancauskas 48,222 7
9 Viktor Gars 48,653 10
10 Karlis Ligeris 49,061 5
11 Bart van Wijngaarden 49,061 14
12 Oskars Karlsons 49,237 9
13 Tumas Poska 49,318 12
14 Igor Scavlev 49,878 10



Semi Final 1 made obvious the fact that one of seven racing gokarts had the best performance and the other one – the worst. Anatoly Hramov this time wasn’t the lucky one. With being 2nd on the grid he was fighting all race long but lost three positions. His opponents were Tomas Jancauskas and Karlis Ligeris. Karlis came back from his summer vacation and directly into the business. Igor Scavlev started the last and could gain only one spot after mistake of Oskars Karlsons. But in the front the best gokart and its driver Martin Brzezinka just flew away and won this session.

Semi Final Results - Group 1      
Nr Name Kart Start POS Change
1 Martin Brzezinka 11 1 =
2 Andreas Oldeskog 5 3 +1
3 Tomas Jancauskas 12 4 +1
4 Karlis Ligeris 9 5 +1
5 Anatoly Hramov 10 2 -3
6 Igor Scavlev 7 7 +1
7 Oskars Karlsons 14 6 -1


SF2 begun with a jump start. A small misunderstanding was created among the drivers, but Organizers right away decided to restart this session. And this time it went well. Slawomir took it fine in the 1st turn and kept his lead. Direct behind him Cezary Blawat was searching his way up. Emil Östman won one spot. Then he used leaders battle to climb up to 2nd. And Cezary was defending his 3rd from Viktor Gars. On lap 3 Emil took the lead, and Viktor passed Cezary. But Championship leader took his spot back and even almost caught Slawomir. But, unfortunatly for him, he lost one spot trying to get one. Behind them was a fight between Bart van Wijngaarden and Paulius Poska who gave away 3 spots during this session. Emil Östman won this race and secured himself a front row in Final A.


Semi Final Results - Group 2      
Nr Name Kart Start POS Change
1 Emil Ostman 11 4 +3
2 Slawomir Wachowski 12 1 -1
3 Viktor Gars 7 5 +2
4 Cezary Blawat 9 2 -2
5 Bart van Wijngaarden 5 6 +1
6 Paulius Poska 14 3 -3
7 Tumas Poska 10 7 =

Before Finals Organizers decided to replace the fastest and the slowest gokarts with yet unknown ones in order to even the chances. Final B started, and Karlis Ligeris took off smoothly in the lead. Right behind him for several laps was a battle between Anatoly and Bart. Behind them Igor lost position to Oskars and wanted to get it back. After pushing and being pushed Bart found himself fighting with Oskars already behind Igor. Then in a front of Igor. Then back to the tail again fighting Tumas Poska. It wasn’t his day for sure. Oskars kept following Igor. Paulius wanted to steal P2 from Anatoly. But in the front nobody was disturbing Karlis to win the ticket to Final A.

Final B Results      
Nr Name Kart Start POS Change
1 Karlis Ligeris 2 1 =
2 Anatoly Hramov 5 2 =
3 Paulius Poska 7 4 +1
4 Igor Scavlev 9 5 +1
5 Oskars Karlsons 12 6 +1
6 Tumas Poska 14 7 +1
7 Bart van Wijngaarden 4 3 -4

Karlis gained 2 sports already on lap 1 of Final A. Emil was leading the pack, followed by Martin and Slawomir. Best friends/rivals Andreas and Viktor fighting for the P4 (not game concole). Cezary couldn’t find the pace and dropped back. Tomas Jancauskas after a good qualification and Semi Final started to do mistakes that lead him directly to the back of the field. In the front Martin was pressing Emil hard but at the same time got pressed by Slawomir. Behind TOP 3 Andreas and Viktor had their own business to do. And Karlis was patiently waiting for his chance. And he got it. By the end of the race it was a question of if it would be Emil or Martin who will win. After having better exit Mr.Brzezinka overtook Mr.Östman on the back straight. Then it was just a matter of keeping it calm and bring the baby home, which Martin brilliantly did. That was his first victory this season. And he’s getting a little bit closer to Cezary in the Championship standings.


Final A Results      
Nr Name Kart Start POS Change
1 Martin Brzezinka 12 1 =
2 Emil Ostman 4 2 =
3 Slawomir Wachowski 7 3 =
4 Viktor Gars 9 6 +2
5 Karlis Ligeris 13 8 +3
6 Andreas Oldeskog 14 4 -2
7 Cezary Blawat 2 7 =
8 Tomas Jancauskas 5 5 -3

Thank you for all your video sharing and a word spreading! Also big thanks to Hälla Ring staff Sören for support! Next time we’ll see you in Örebro after the Race Day!

Martin's onboard video.

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