Emil Östman takes his first victory in Norrköping Raceland

Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2016-10-02

Emil Östman on top of Norrköping Raceland podium in Gokart Prix stage 9

Nice autumn weather met drivers in Norrköping. Very long bumpy track Raceland was ready to feel the atmosphere of GoKart PRIX Championship. There were 14 participants this time. They split into 2 groups. In qualification it was Antons Gulans who was the best in group 1, where group 2, as usually, had better average time. Previous stage’s winner Karlis Ligeris took pole position. Martin Brzezinka was only P10 in qualification. It was discovered that some of gokarts had a bit weaker performance, but, unfortunatly, couldn’t be replaced.


Qualification Results    
Nr Name Best lap time Kart
1 Karlis Ligeris 67,860 15
2 Emil Ostman 67,900 13
3 Antons Gulans 68,280 9
4 Viktor Gars 68,340 9
5 Andreas Oldeskog 68,520 11
6 Bart van Wijngaarden 68,610 11
7 Cezary Blawat 68,810 13
8 Tumas Poska 69,430 15
9 Igor Scavlev 69,460 14
10 Martin Brzezinka 69,510 10
11 Tomas Jancauskas 69,580 14
12 Paulius Poska 69,690 12
13 Slawomir Wachowski 70,200 10
14 Christopher Koba 70,730 12


In Semi-Final group 1 Emil Östman started in the front and was able to keep his position all the way through the session. Martin had to finish in top 3 in order not to find himself in Final B. He overtook Bart van Wijngaarden. The Dutchman was fighting back, but lost another position to Paulius Poska. In a couple of laps Paulius cleared Martin for the 3rd. They both reached Viktor Gars, and a great 3-way battle begun. Mr.Poska kept himself in the front while Viktor and Martin were settling their things out. That gave opportunity for Bart reached them. But in the end it was Martin who took P3 and was promoted to Final A. Viktor as well, by the way.


Semi Final Results - Group 1      
Nr Name Kart Start POS Change
1 Emil Ostman 11 1 =
2 Paulius Poska 9 6 +4
3 Martin Brzezinka 14 5 +2
4 Viktor Gars 13 2 -2
5 Bart van Wijngaarden 12 3 -2
6 Christopher Koba 15 7 +1
7 Tumas Poska 10 4 -3


In group 2 Karlis saved his P1 on the start. As pretty much everybody, except Igor Scavlev, who lost his P5 to Tomas Jancauskas. Cezary Blawat ovetook both Andreas Oldeskog and Antons Gulans who were fighting each other the whole session. Karlis was driving the “lucky” gokart #10. So he wasn’t a big problem for Cezary who took the lead. It was a great drive from Tomas, who managed to perform 4 overtaking and finished 2nd. Antons made many mistakes and finished last. Being on P7 almost majority of the distance Igor, with help of photo-finish, could end the race on the place he started from. For Andreas, however, this particular race wasn’t a success, since he lost 3 places.

Semi Final Results - Group 2      
Nr Name Kart Start POS Change
1 Cezary Blawat 11 4 +3
2 Tomas Jancauskas 9 6 +4
3 Karlis Ligeris 10 1 -2
4 Slawomir Wachowski 14 7 +3
5 Igor Scavlev 15 5 =
6 Andreas Oldeskog 12 3 -3
7 Antons Gulans 13 2 -5


There wasn’t much action in Final B. Leading Slawomir Wachowski felt pressure from Bart, and Igor was trying not to let Andreas pass by. But the race was long enough, and Andreas made it through. Antons used that opportunity and took another position from Igor. Antons then was on Andreas’s tail all the time, but still couldn’t pass him. Championship rookie Christopher Koba received “that” gokart, and mainly because of that fact he came last. This session was won by Slawomir, but, unfortunatly, this perticular time there was no promotion to Final A.

Final B Results      
Nr Name Kart Start POS Change
1 Slawomir Wachowski 9 1 =
2 Bart van Wijngaarden 15 2 =
3 Andreas Oldeskog 13 4 +1
4 Antons Gulans 11 6 +2
5 Igor Scavlev 12 3 -2
6 Tumas Poska 14 7 +1
7 Christopher Koba 10 5 -2

Emil had a great start and stayed as leader of the pack. By the end of lap 1 Martin already gained 3 positions. At some point of the race Cezary understood that he won’t be able to hold Martin behind and let him through. The chase for the victory begun. With every lap the distance between P2 and P1 was getting shorter. Behind them Cezary was keeping Karlis from getting the podium. And he was doing that pretty well. Viktor was cruising alonesomewhere between that pair and Tomas, who made a couple of mistakes and lost a couple of positions. But in the end of the day he went home with a medal for P6. Martin got very close to Emil, but the race was over. Emil was celebrating his first victory in the Championship. Cezary is still on top of the list. But Anatoly Hramov who had to miss this race will now need a miracle to end this season in top 3.

Final A Results      
Nr Name Kart Start POS Change
1 Emil Ostman 15 1 =
2 Martin Brzezinka 9 6 +4
3 Cezary Blawat 12 2 -1
4 Karlis Ligeris 14 5 +1
5 Viktor Gars 11 7 +2
6 Tomas Jancauskas 13 3 -3
7 Paulius Poska 10 4 -3


We would like to say big thanks to Raceland Norrköping staff David and Tomy for their support!

Next race will be in Gokart Stockholm. You may apply for it already now!

Also there ware some incidents during the race that Organizers are still investigating. Decisions will be published soon.

Here is available for today video and race results:
Norrköping GoKart PRIX Final by Martin Brzezinka
Norrköping GoKart PRIX Final by TomyLEE
Race results 2016 Stage 9 Norrköping GoKart PRIX

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