Emil first in Gokart Stockholm

Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2016-11-01

Gokart Stockholm Best Drivers after GoKart PRIX Stage 10

Emil Östman celebrates 2-nd victory in a row by winning Stockholm GoKart PRIX.
By doing this, Emil secured strong 2-nd place in the championship standings. 
Emil started the race from pole position and was able to secure it all the race long.
Martin Brzezinka was very close to Emil and sited on his bumper from the beginning of race. 
Continuous fight of leaders made a little train of gokarts straight behind them. It was Karlis and Slawomir, who exchanged their positions behind leaders, it was Anatoly and Andreas, running their micro duel in battle for 5-th and following group of leaders.
On lap 4 only one split second exchanged the grid completely. Martin went out of the rails while attacking Emil, get bumped from behind and spun. This turned him to the last place. Karlis Ligeris, who took 2nd because of this incident, was not able to keep the pace of Emil and also lost his position to Slawomir. He was also under attacks of Anatoly and Andreas, but this time was more successful in protecting and finished third. Later, after the race, judges applied +5 places penalty to Karlis, and he classified only 8th.
Behind this group of 5 drivers there was something incredible. It was Paulius Poska, showing brave and professional overtaking moves. If somebody wants to know, how to avoid incidents and overtake correctly, just pay your attention to this driver. Great and professional driving! And it was Martin, who copy+pasted fastest laps, being 0.3-0.9 sec faster then anybody else and recovered himself from last place to 6th. 

Judges and Penalties.
We are still looking for better solutions in incidents investigation and this time involved professional judges from LAF (Latvian Autosport Federation). Judges watched all available videos and decided to investigate 1 incident, which is published on youtube. All other light contacts are left without investigation as recognized by Racing Incidents.

Incidents Stage 10

And here are some on-board videos:

Andreas Oldeskog Final

Tomas Jancauskas Final

Martin Brzezinka Final

See you on track very soon!

And here are some onboard videos:


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Registered Drivers
1 Christer Ekman
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3 Niklas Enholm
4 Mattias Norling
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6 Mikael Rengfelt
7 Alfredo Wang Pallin
8 Igor Scavlev
9 Anatoly Hramov