Welcome to Season 2017!

Posted by FKC on 2017-03-17

SMC Frihamnen gokart track

Hello racers!

We are very excited to invite you to the 1st stage of our 4th season - 2017 Frihamnen GoKart PRIX! Race will happen at SMC Gokart indoor track on March 25th at 11:00. The biggest change in our Regulations for this year is the points system. We have switched from dynamic to static which means that now every position on the finish will carry fixed amount of points and won't depend on the participants quantity. The winner will get 30 points. 2nd place - 26; 3rd - 23; 4th - 20; 5th - 18; 6th - 16; 7th will receive 14 points and -1 point for every next position up to 20 which will get 1 point. There will be no points distribution for places under 20.
We will keep giving out 1 additional point for pole position (that what we call the best lap time in qualification sessions), but for the best lap time showed in the final race (even if it's final B) participant will get 2 additional points. That will give a little hope to those who are unlucky and don't have a chance to fight for big points.
In the total standings, however, not all stages' results will be taken into account. We will count only x-1 stages during the season, where "x" is the amount of stages in this season. It means that if you scored points in all the stages during the season, then your worst result will be taken away from your total amount of scored points. However, if you missed one or more stages, then all your scored points will be counted. This feature will let participants to miss a race if necessary without worrying about possible lost points.
Also we will change a bit our approach on handling incidents. We will try to investigate the incident and issue possible penalty directly after the race with enough supporting information. That will help to make results official already the same day. But there might be cases where we'll have to take it home and do wider investigation, like in previous years.
Anyway, our updated Regulations are published and registration for the race is opened! Race agenda and track info you may find below! Good luck to you all in this season and see you on the track!


Race details:

Date: 25-March-2017

Race Name: 2017 Frihamnen GoKart PRIX

Setup: QQR (Qualification 1, Qualification 2, Final Race)

Price: 500 SEK (please cash or SWISH, no cards)

Awards: medals for TOP 6 + championship points for TOP 20

Weather forecast:


Race agenda:

Registration: 11.00

Safety briefing: 11.45

Qualification 1: 12.00

Qualification 2: 12.20

Final: 12.40

Awarding ceremony: 13.00

NOTE! Agenda might be changed during the race.


Track info:

Name: SMC Gokart

Status: Indoor

Length: 500 m

Racing direction: Clockwise

GoKart PRIX lap record:

385 m – 0:30:682 – Oskars Karlsons (2015)

342 m – 0:27:899 – Cezary Blawat (2016)

Previous winners:

2014 Hyrkart Utmaning SMC Frihamnen Race – Anatoly Hramov

2014 Hyrkart Utmaning Challenge CUP – Anatoly Hramov

2015 Frihamnen GoKart PRIX – Karlis Ligeris

2016 Frihamnen GoKart PRIX – Martin Krus


Location: Palermogatan 40, Frihamnen, Magasin 7, 115 56 Stockholm

GPS: 59.340535, 18.124694

Distance from Stockholm: approx. 4 km


About Gokart PRIX challenge.

GoKart PRIX is a hobby kart amateur movement in Stockholm with involvement of people who love auto racing and have a desire to take part in simple and low-cost racing competitions without serious investing of time, money and knowledge.

It is a democratic championship, where participants ride with specially produced safe rental gokarts.

GoKart PRIX is open for anyone who wants to ride a gokart and have fun.


Next Race
2019 Kista GoKart PRIX O'Learys Stockholm Kista Event Center

Race Start In

Registered Drivers
1 Christer Ekman
2 Slawomir Wachowski
3 Niklas Enholm
4 Mattias Norling
5 Rasmus Westerberg
6 Mikael Rengfelt
7 Alfredo Wang Pallin
8 Igor Scavlev
9 Anatoly Hramov