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Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2017-04-07

Enköping hyrkart

Race details:

Date/Time: 22 April 2017 13:00

Race Name: 2017 Enköping GoKart PRIX

Setup: QSR (Qualification, Semi-Final Race, Final Race)

Price: 500 SEK (please cash or SWISH, no cards)

Awards: medals for TOP 6 + championship points for TOP 20


Race agenda:

Registration: 13.15

Safety briefing: 13.50

Qualification: 14.00

Semi-Final: 14.30

Final: 15.00

Awarding ceremony: 15.30

NOTE! Agenda might be changed during the race.


Track info:

Name: Enköpings Kartingbana

Status: Outoor

Length: 790 m

Racing direction: Clockwise

GoKart PRIX lap record:

0:43:960 – Martin Brzezinka (2015)

Previous winners:

2015 Enköping GoKart PRIX – Martin Krus

2016 Enköping GoKart PRIX – Cezary Blawat

Location: Enköping Tärby 20, 745 95 Enköping

GPS: 59.653889, 17.051786

Distance from Stockholm: approx. 80 km


About Gokart PRIX challenge.

GoKart PRIX is a hobby kart amateur movement in Stockholm with involvement of people who love auto racing and have a desire to take part in simple and low-cost racing competitions without serious investing of time, money and knowledge.

It is a democratic championship, where participants ride with specially produced safe rental gokarts.

GoKart PRIX is open for anyone who wants to ride a gokart and have fun.


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Race Start In

Registered Drivers
1 Christer Ekman
2 Mattias Norling
3 Anatoly Hramov
4 Igor Scavlev
5 Niklas Enholm
6 Mikael Rengfelt