2017 Stage 6 in Linköping

Posted by FKC on 2017-08-08

Linköping GoKart PRIX best drivers at Linköpings Motorstadion

Hello, racers!

It's time to tell a few words about the race in Linköping, where GoKart PRIX held its birthday race. 
At this stage, the series greeted its hundredth participant! 
For the period of the year, there were some changes on the track - they put a new asphalt. And the speed increased.
The fastest adaptation to new conditions showed up by Anatoly Hramov, who won the pole. In the semifinals only the first and last places remained unchanged. 
All the other 10 riders improved or worsened their results. Most of the positions gained by Robert Uhmansky, and Andreas Oldeskog, on the contrary, lost most of all. Although in the final he corrected his result slightly, but, nevertheless, he remained without a medal.

The most interesting fight was from the 2-nd to the 5-th place. The racers constantly were changing positions. Martin Brzezinka jumped into 2nd place and was holding it for a long time. But Adam Mietusz caught him in one of the turns and was able to overtake, regaining his position immediately after the leader. 
And the leader of this race, Anatoly, took advantage of the struggle behind himself and began to attack on the limit. While having the clean route ahead and behind him, he went in qualifying mode and set the best stage time, as well as the track record for GoKart PRIX series. He confidently won the race and, thus, is the only one who won on the track Linköping Motorstadion in the championship. He celebrated the victory with the lap of honor with the flag. 
It was excellent fight, without any single incident! Can't wait for a movie!

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