First win for Lamnerius! First title for Östman!

Posted by FKC on 2018-01-24

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Final race of the season took place in O’Lerys Kista Event Center. Racesrs had mixed feeling about the event. On one hand the race itself was intense and there were many overtakes, but on the other hand qualification did’t go as planned. Due to some misunderstanding participants drove the same gokart both in Q1 and Q2, which almost killed the intrigue. However, two best laps times were shown in Q1 by Emil Östman and Andreas Lamnerius. In the finals people drove new gokarts and some had troubles with adapting. But some took the best of it. Like Slawomir Wachowski who gained 2 positions and won Final B. He then moved to Final A where he gained 2 more positions. Final A was the only session in the whole event where 4th gear was used. Participants drove faster. Andreas Lamnerius took over Emil for the lead. Then he showed the fastest lap time of the month, which was also record breaking for GoKart PRIX championship. His confident lead converted into his first win (of total 2 races) in our championship. But the happiest man on the grid was Emil Östman who finished 2nd and clinched the title!

Rookie Niklas Enholm took podium on his first-ever race. Martin Brzezinka crossed the finish line on P5 and became a two-time vice champion. He is more than ready to beat this score next year! Anatoly Hramov took a cup for the 3rd place of this season and now has the collection of 1-2-3-place trophies. Alexey Semin was fighting Andreas Oldeskog for the 6th place in total standings. Latvian got it in the end by only 1 point advantage. It was most probably the last race for Alexey in Sweden, since he moves back to Latvia and will participate in one of the strongest championships in Baltics – OpenKart.

So 11 races are behind and we have new champion. We hope that this season was better than the previous one as we hope that the next one will be better than this. During the off-season we will work on some improvements to make our championship more attractive for newcomers as well as for our existing racers. As always, the final point of the season will be taken during Challenge CUP in the end of January 2018 where we’ll have awarding ceremony and will find out the name of the next Challenge CUP owner.

GoKart PRIX staff would like to thank all participants for your commitment. We do this most of all for having fun, and we are happy to see smiley faces after each race. Let’s keep it that way! Follow our website and our facebook page for latest news during this off-season and also our youtube channel (Hyrkart Utmaning) for videos! See you soon!

GoKart PRIX staff

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