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Posted by FKC on 2018-04-04

Gokart Stockholm best drivers

Stage 2 of 2018 GoKart PRIX championship took place on Gokart Stockholm indoor track. The race moved from autumn to spring in the calendar. Despite two qualification sessions there, as usually, were some racers who could show their best lap times in Q1. Martin Brzezinka was “lucky” to have the same gokart in both qualifications. And he set totally identical lap times in Q1 and Q2! Is he a robot? :) However, that didn’t help him to get the pole. It was Emil Östman who took the first starting place.

Qualification Total Results      
Nr Name Best total lap time Best lap time Q1 Best lap time Q2
1 Emil Östman 22,404 22,623 22,404
2 Martin Brzezinka 22,886 22,886 22,886
3 Andreas Lamnerius 23,061 23,255 23,061
4 Slawomir Wachowski 23,160 23,336 23,160
5 Ireneusz Siewert 23,509 23,528 23,509
6 Igor Scavlev 23,512 23,512 23,516
7 Kamil Siewert 23,583 24,036 23,583
8 Jarek Kwapisz 23,616 23,616 23,631
9 Igor Kukin 24,035 24,591 24,035
There was only one group participating this time and therefore only one final race. Emil and Martin could get away from everybody already after a couple of laps. The real battle was in the back of the field. Igor Scavlev was trying to overtake Ireneusz Siewert, but, instead, lost position to Jarek Kwapisz who performed the great driving skills and could gain 3 positions in total on the most non-overtaking track in calendar. Igor then spun not without the help of Kamil Siewert and became the last, but referees didn’t find any rules violation in that episode. Series rookie Igor Kukin was the slowest the whole race, however he managed to cross the finish line not last. That proves that even those who don’t have a chance to win still have a good chance to get many points! Race leader Emil easily ran all laps in the front and got his 3rd consecutive victory in Gokart Stockholm.
Final Results        
Nr Name Kart Start POS Change Best lap time
1 Emil Östman 10 1 = 22,635
2 Martin Brzezinka 14 2 = 22,840
3 Andreas Lamnerius 17 3 = 22,861
4 Slawomir Wachowski 9 4 = 23,202
5 Jarek Kwapisz 12 8 +3 23,178
6 Kamil Siewert 3 7 +1 23,466
7 Ireneusz Siewert 16 5 -2 23,745
8 Igor Kukin 15 9 +1 23,666
9 Igor Scavlev 8 6 -3 23,327

Emil leads the championship table at the moment. Last year after he got on top of the board, he kept it until the end of the season. But everything might change already on the 22nd of April during the 2018 Enköping GoKart PRIX. Registration is now opened!

Next Race
2019 Kista GoKart PRIX O'Learys Stockholm Kista Event Center

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Registered Drivers
1 Christer Ekman
2 Slawomir Wachowski
3 Niklas Enholm
4 Mattias Norling