Niklas Enholm won first outdoor race this season

Posted by GoKart PRIX on 2018-04-22

Top 3 Enköping Gokart GP3 2018

Outdoor part of 2018 GoKart PRIX has started in Enköping.

Niklas Enholm celebrates his 2-nd victory this season. 2 races - 2 wins, and 3-rd place in standings - great job so far.
Emil Östman still holding 1-st place in the championship, but now having the same amount of points as Martin Brzezinka, both are tightly followed by Niklas and Andreas.  
GoKart PRIX made first attempt to establish Live video broadcast on Facebook. This didn't went as planned, but at least we know what to improve now.
We would like to thank a lot Cezary Blawat, new owner of Enköping Hyrkart, and all staff of of this track for warmfull and professional hosting of our race.
See you in Arlanda!

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Race Start In

Registered Drivers
1 Christer Ekman
2 Slawomir Wachowski
3 Niklas Enholm
4 Mattias Norling
5 Rasmus Westerberg
6 Mikael Rengfelt
7 Alfredo Wang Pallin
8 Igor Scavlev
9 Anatoly Hramov