Niklas wins for the 3rd time at Ös-We Ring

Last Updated on 24 March, 2024 by gokartprix

2021 Arlanda GoKart PRIX @ Gokartstadion ÖS-WE Ring on 05.06.2021

Warm and sunny weather supported us with organizing stage 2 of 2021 GoKart PRIX season. The fastest in qualification was Niklas, following by Leif and Mattias. By the way, Niklas’s time remained the best throughout all sessions and it broke GoKart PRIX lap record on this track.

In semi-final Niklas and Leif were fighting each other for the lead, but still could gain a large gap to 3rd place Mattias. Björn got a chance to race in the middle of the peloton but was a bit overoptimistic by pushing and bouncing others for a while. His actions weren’t left unnoticed by the on-track stewards and they reduced his speed which let other pass him.

Slawomir received a better gokart for the semi-final and used it to gain 3 positions finishing 7th. But in the front everything has been decided by millimeters when Niklas and Leif crossed the finish line together. Timing system showed that it was Leif who was the first. Their gap became the closest in history of our championship – 0,001 of a second! Too bad it wasn’t the final race!

But in the final session Niklas used a slingshot on the start and took leadership. In the middle Igor K saw a tiny space that Tomas left before the hairpin turn and went for it. The result – Igor K forced Tomas into spin taking Igor S with him to stop. This episode left unnoticed by the on-track stewards. But with the help of video footage and, taking into account the first lap, the severity of incident as well as finishing positions, 2 of GoKart PRIX stewards decided to give penalty of -1 position to Igor K.

Tomas and Igor S were trying to get others as fast as they could. A small mistake by Igor S sent him back again when Tomas kept pushing and finished 5th! Berke ended this race on 7th position which is his best result so far! Slawomir gained another 3 positions and finished 4th just a bit outside of podium. Mattias came 3rd and kept his leadership in the standings. Lejf this time just couldn’t keep up with Niklas who won his 10th race in GoKart PRIX. He won 3 times on this track. This success ties with Andreas who concurred O’Learys Kista 3 times as well as Emil with the same achievement in Gokart Stockholm and Anatoly in Linköping Sviestad.

Congrats to our medalists and thanks to all participants as well as track staff!