2020 Season

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2020 GoKart PRIX was 7th season of rental gokart championship organized in Sweden by a private initiative. It started on 29th of February and finished on 31st of October. There was a 3-months break between Stage 1 and Stage 2 due to Covid-19, which forced several races to be moved. Eventually almost all planned races took place that season except Gävle GoKart PRIX which was cancelled due to a heavy rain. It also happened so that in 2020 the series didn’t have it’s own website and all info and communication happened via it’s facebook page and e-mail.

2020 Kista GoKart PRIX @ O’Learys Kista Event Center on 31.10.2020

That year GoKart PRIX cooperated with SODI W SERIES to organize 2 shared events where participants earned points into both GoKart PRIX and SWS Sprint Cup Sweden series. Such races took place in Rättvik, which was also the new venue for the championship, and Kista. Initially it was planned to do 4 shared races in 2020, but track in Västervik declined this idea and later a couple of other SWS Sprint Cup Sweden races were organized by O’Learys Kista Event Center without GoKart PRIX participation, therefore only 1 shared race left in Kista out of 2 planned. The winner of SWS season was Andreas Lamnerius who later, in summer of 2021, participated in SWS World Final in Italy as a prize.

2 tracks left the calendar in comparation to 2019: Järfälla Kartbana didn’t find the place in the new schedule and SMC Gokart was permanently shut down. Challenge CUP didn’t take place in 2020 since there were 2 events organized a year before. For the 2nd year in a row driver’s maiden victory in the championship took place at the Birthday Race. This time it was Johan Varland. Another new race winner was Simon Lindholm.

GoKart PRIX continued experimenting with race formats and introduced new setup that debuted at Enköping 3.0 GoKart PRIX. This format was inspired by NASCAR Cup Series and included a short qualification session and long race divided into 3 segments with 2 slow warm-up laps in-between those segments. Due to the rain a total time of the final race lasted for about 45 minutes which made this race the longest in the championship history.

36 drivers out of 8 countries participated in 2020. Andreas Lamnerius drove in all 10 races where only 9 of them were calculated into the final standings. He won 5 races and took his 2nd title in GoKart PRIX. Johan Varland became 2nd beating Igor Scavlev for this trophy in the final race of the season.