Last Updated on 22 May, 2021 by gokartprix

GoKart PRIX is a rental gokart championship in Sweden. Everyone over 18 years old can participate and have fun racing others in a series of events that take place on many gokart tracks within 300 km radius from Stockholm.

It is a democratic championship, where participants ride with specially produced safe rental gokarts. After every race top 20 drivers receive points towards the championship. After all races during the year are done the one with the most amount of points becomes the GoKart PRIX champion!

Our story begins in summer 2014 when 4 guys met for a drop-in race in Kista and realized that it would be cool to drive again at different tracks and collect points. Next time they met in Järfälla with their friends and colleagues and started gokart series Hyrkart Utmaning with a complete race there. After 5 races the season was over and this initiative was confirmed to be successful. Next year the series renamed to GoKart PRIX and it started to attract more enthusiasts to test their racing skills.

Through the years our championship became the only one in Sweden that races on more than 8 different tracks in one season. To win GoKart PRIX champion title you have to be one of the best at all of them!