2022 Season

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2022 Kista GoKart PRIX @ O’Learys Kista Event Center on 20.11.2022

2022 GoKart PRIX was 9th season of rental gokart championship organized in Sweden by a private initiative. It started on 12th of February and finished on 20th of November. It was the first year when there was an official Winter Cup race. It took place in Järfälla. There were total of 13 stages during the season – which is the record so far. Also there was no repetative track on the calendar. Challenge CUP was again held when the season has already started. Igor Scavlev was very happy to win the travelling trophy.

After 5 years Championship returned to Örebro, this time with 2 races – one at the Örebro Kartingring and the other race the new 2-level indoor track. Örebro became the second city after Linköping that hosted a double-race weekend. The rest of the tracks on the calendar became unchanged from previous season. A QR3 format moved to the Birthday Race. This made the event more special. Mattias Norling won that race and became 7th person who could do it.

There were 3 new winners in 2022. Petter Eriksson won in Örebro and Mikael Kolam took victory in Kista. While Fredrik Stertman collected 3 gold medals this year and became a vice-champion. In total 38 drivers from 6 countries participated in 2022. 10 races out of 13 throughout the season were calculated into the final standings. Andreas Lamnerius won 5 of them and became GoKart PRIX champion for the 4th time! Mattias Norling took the trophy for the 3rd place.