2019 Season

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2019 Kista GoKart PRIX @ O’Learys Kista Event Center on 25.11.2019

2019 GoKart PRIX was 6th season of rental gokart championship organized in Sweden by a private initiative. It started on 2nd of March and finished on 25th of November. Originally season should have been started on 16th of February with the race in Grängesberg on ice surface. Organizers’ attempt to make the first Winter Cup in championship’s history failed because 2 days before the event the air temperature went up above zero and snow melted. The race was cancelled.

There were 2 Challenge CUPs that year, and both times it took place at Gokartcentret i Uppsala short indoor track which was a new venue for the series. Niklas Enholm was on top at both events. Tracks in Vikmanshyttan and Katrineholm didn’t stay in calendar, but Järfälla Kartbana came back. Another new venue in 2019 besides Uppsala was indoor track in Gävle which, unfortunately, had to lock it’s doors the following year and the series never went back there.

Tommy Nilsson, Rasmus Oscarsson and Tomas Jancauskas got their first victories in 2019. Tomas even managed to win a Birthday Race. Like a year ago there were 2 races in Enköping again, so Organizers decided to bring back the old format from 2014 with qualification and 2 races, where points were distributed in both races and 2nd race had a reverse starting grid. Some of the drivers were awarded with half-points in one or both races depending on their finish positions. This setup received quite cold feedbacks and was returned back into the old chest “for some other time”.

42 drivers from 5 countries participated in 2019. There were 12 races in the season where 10 of them were counted into the championship. Mattias Norling couldn’t start the final race at Stockholm GoKart PRIX despite his participation in qualification. In the end of the season he lost only 1 point to Anatoly Hramov for the vice-champion position. But it was a year of Niklas Enholm who not only took home Challenge CUP 2 times but also became 2019 GoKart PRIX champion!