6th different winner in 6 races @ Hälla Ring

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2021 Västerås GoKart PRIX Midsummer Race @ Hälla Ring on 19.06.2021

It was a sunny day, and we had a sunny race! Ernestas took away TQ from Andreas. Only they could show lap time better than 48 seconds in qualification. Tomas was close to them but still only the 3rd. In the Semi-Final Ernestas and Andreas were fighting for the lead. Mattias was trying to find a way to squeeze between them, but it didn’t work out. However, by using slipstream from the kart in the front Mattias was able to set the best lap time of the stage which gave him additional 2 points in season standings. This session was concurred by Andreas with Ernestas finishing right behind him. However, the on-track referees noticed that Ernestas made a jump start which gives a penalty of adding 30 seconds to the finish time. This would send Ernestas to place 8. But the organizers went to check the video footage of the start and confirmed that there wasn’t any jump start! Ernestas reacted so well that he started roaring the engine while red lights were still on, but he actually started moving when it was already green. His reaction was perfect. So perfect in fact that it made on-track referees think it was a jump start. Well done, Ernestas!

In the Final Mattias lost 2 positions already before the 2nd turn. There was a 3-way battle between Mattias, Tomas and Igor S. It was Tomas who could hold the speed and keep himself in the front even reaching the leaders, letting Igor S. and Mattias continue their battle. So they did. 2 leaders in the front were battling again, switching their positions. Nobody wanted to yield, and it looked like an earlier fight in Enköping. So it could most likely end up the same way as it did there. But no, the fight was clean and respectful. Andreas got his lead back and won for the first time in Västerås! Another fight was between Igor K. and Berke where Latvian managed to get P6.

Hälla Ring becomes the second track in GoKart PRIX after Rörken Ring with 6 different winners in 6 races. With his 2nd place Ernestas achieved his best result in GoKart PRIX so far. Mattias keeps leading the season despite his P5.

Huge thanks to Hälla Gokart staff for support and to all the participants! Race documentation you may find here.