First GKP Birthday mug for Andreas

Last Updated on 24 March, 2024 by gokartprix

2021 Linköping GoKart PRIX Birthday Race @ Linköpings Motorstadion Sviestad on 28.08.2021

After the race indoors we moved outside, and it was moisty. There were some short-term drops, so the track at Linköpings Motorstadion Sviestad stayed wet all the time. But we went out for qualification anyway. In those conditions not only speed is needed but also the ability to find the best grip. It appears that Andreas has no problem with that either. So he’s got another TQ in the pocket beating by 0,9 of a second his follower Jani. 3rd fastest was Igor.

After the start of the Semi-Final Johan jumped from 4th to 3rd and almost got Jani on 2nd, but Jani defended his position and Johan didn’t dare to risk in those wet conditions. Igor almost lost another place to Mattias, but managed to keep it. On the next lap Igor had a better exit from the last corner and went into the slipstream behind Johan. The start/finish straight was long enough for Igor to outbreak Johan and take 3rd position back. It was raining and any mistake could be vital. 2 laps before the checkered flag Igor couldn’t hold his gokart and spun. Behind him was… Mattias who said: “Thank you very much!” and took Igor’s spot. But where was Johan? He also slipped at some point and let some gokarts through. So Mattias gained 2 places in total, and so did Fredrik. Berke lost 3 positions and he wasn’t happy about that. But in the front everything stayed the same -> Andreas-Jani.

The Final race gave opportunities to both win some positions and also lose all hopes for a good result. Igor was able to make a successful move on Mattias and gain his spot. And so did Johan who later during some laps was making pressure on Igor. But something went wrong for him again and he ended up racing in the middle of the pack back where he started. Fredrik also experienced some troubles with the grip and lost 4 positions in total. Andreas and Jani being in the first two places were the ones who didn’t experience any problems with the grip at all. In fact they were flying and kept taking the best lap times from one another. But in the end it was Andreas who gained 2 additional points for the best lap and also won a birthday mug for the first time! Second was Jani and third came Igor who this time didn’t let Mattias take the last podium spot. The biggest surprise of the race was Berke who didn’t make any mistakes and finished 5th – his highest finish position to date! Congrats to all gainers!

That was our another Birthday weekend. We appreciate the help from Linköpings Motorstadion Gokartuthyrning staff and thanks to all participants! We hope this day gave you many positive emotions! By the way our reviews would contain more interesting info if somebody could also record some video footage of the race 🙂 So join us with your action cams, share your videos and see the result!

Race documentation is stored here.