Mattias is the new Challenge CUP owner!

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2020 GoKart PRIX Challenge CUP @ Gokartcentret i Uppsala on 03.07.2021

It was for the first time when we used the weight balance option in Challenge CUP to try to equal winning chances among participants. Even though the Gokartcentret i Uppsala indoor track is very short and narrow, those extra weights really make a difference. There weren’t many participants this time so we could run in 1 group. The first 4-minute heat showed that best lap times are very close, so it was expected that everything would be decided by tenths of a second.

Igor was the fastest in Heat 1 and set a benchmark, which, by the way, collapsed since with every new heat lap times got better and better. Heat 2 was in favor of Mattias while Fredrik was the best in heat 3! So, after the half of the distance Mattias was leading the pack with Igor running behind him only in 0,007 of a second. Heat 4 and 5 made the situation a bit more clear – Mattias was the fastest, followed by Igor and Fredrik. Additional challenge for racers was that Heat 5 and 6 recorded only the second best shown lap time. So it required a double effort to be fast especially knowing that by the last two heats racers usually are quite tired.

But Mattias managed to beat everyone also in Heat 6 and he became the 5th winner of GoKart PRIX Challenge CUP! The final heat wasn’t good for Igor since he spun and his 2nd best lap was slower than Fredrik showed. And the gap was enough to get Fredrik the second place! But it’s only the victory that matters in Challenge CUP, so we congratulate Mattias who received a travelling cup with his name on it Linköping!

Thanks to Gokartcentret i Uppsala staff and to all participants!
Here you may find the lap times!