A surprize win!

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2021 Uppsala GoKart PRIX @ Rörken Ring on 02.10.2021

In the beginning of October the sun didn’t heat up the track anymore, but the Rörken Ring still had some grip left. However, it took some time for participants to warm up the cold tyres in Qualification session. Andreas Lamnerius managed to do it better than others and he took his 11th TQ and beat Niklas’s previous record of 10! Championship rookie Christopher showed 2nd best time in his first race. Both Igors had technical issues with their transponders and unfortunately their lap times haven’t been registered which threw them back on the grid for Semi-Final.

In Semi-Final it was clearly visible the difference in speed between gokarts. By the end of the first lap Andreas was leading by almost 2 seconds over 2nd place Christopher who was followed by Berke who started 8th! Uppsala usually delivers a wheel-to-wheel battle and this race wasn’t exception – a group in the front was fighting for the 2nd position, a middle group was battling for the 6th, Berke was jumping up and down through the field… By the end of the session William took advantage of Mattias-Jani fight and finished 2nd. Christopher dropped to 5th, Berke crossed the line 6th. Fredrik had a bad run and ended up 9th. Too bad Andreas couldn’t enjoy the fight as he finished 1st leading by 14,5 seconds over William.

Andreas didn’t have to be bored for long as in the Final he got a chance to show all his skills by driving not the fastest gokart. Again there was a battle on all levels – people were fighting through the field to reach Andreas and then eventually were dropping back down again letting others try to pass by the reigning champion. The longest was trying Mattias and he even was able to be in a front for some moments, but every time he left the door open for Andreas to return to the lead. Then suddenly Igor S came along and tried to do something. But Andreas was choosing the correct spots. However, Igor S had his 3 seconds of happiness leading the field by 10 cm from Andreas and Jani who were closely followed by Mattias. And then all this group went wide on a left-hander hairpin and when they were back Igor S was already 5th but in front was… Igor K! He used this fight to his advantage and made 4 places at once! He was holding the lead for a half of the lap until he overheated and let Andreas and Mattias through. Jani almost got him as well, but there was a checkered flag waving.

After the finish we found out that the timing system broke down after lap 10 of 14. However, we have some video footage of the whole race… except the half of the finish. Therefore it has been decided to make lap 13 as the official finish. And the winner was declared the one who led the race only for a half of the lap – Igor K! And he started 8th! This victory became the first in his career! Andreas got 2nd place and beat Anatoly’s record for the most podiums gained in GoKart PRIX history – he has now 29! Andreas also set a new lap record at this track within our championship. Mattias finished the race on P3.

In championship standings Andreas scored more points than his nearest rival Mattias and in points prediction Jani took Igor S’s place. There will be a fight for P3 in the end! Fredrik and Berke have very good chances for P5 by the end of this season and William made it up to TOP 10.

Race documentation here.