A Champion is here!

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2021 Nyköping GoKart PRIX @ Caroli Kart Center Nyköping on 06.11.2021

For the first time we went to Nyköping to do a race at the fine indoor track. After some practice the racers went out for the Q1, where the fastest was Fredrik. In Q2 everybody managed to improve their times, but Fredrik remained on the top of the list and he took his first TQ. Second fastest was Igor, followed by Andreas and Mattias.

The race started and Fredrik managed to keep his leading position defending from Igor’s attack. But not for long. Igor used the widest part of the track to overtake Fredrik for the lead! However, he was too fast in the slowest section right after the start/finish line and Fredrik was able to get in line with Igor on the straight. But it was Fredrik’s turn next, so he used this as an advantage to take back the lead. Andreas used this overtake in his advantage and also overtook Igor. Now, Igor lost 2 positions in 1 corner on the indoor track… He was hoping to get closer to the first 2 gokarts while they were fighting, but was constantly losing time himself. The worst thing for him happened when he chose the wrong way to overtake lapped Björn and they both stuck, letting even Mattias pass by. Not a good day for Igor.

Meanwhile Fredrik was leading, but Andreas was stepping on his heels. Fredrik wanted to win this so badly that he was too nervous, and Andreas unsuspectedly for the leader dove into the hairpin and came out on P1. After that he just had his great pace so that Fredrik couldn’t reach him. Neither Mattias could reach Fredrik, nor Igor could reach Mattias. There were no changes in the second half of the field. In that order they all crossed the start/finish line after 30 laps. Andreas, who needed to finish P4 or higher in order to clinch the title, not only reached this goal but also finished the stage in style by winning it!

That way at this point we already have our 2021 GoKart PRIX champion! Andreas was amazingly consistent this season and took his well deserved 3rd title. But surprisingly he’s not the only one who secured his spot – even the 2nd place is also taken after this race. And it’s Mattias who becomes the vice-champion of 2021! Big congrats to these two! And as we still have 2 races to go, there’s still the last trophy to be played for. The closest contender is Igor, but Fredrik and even Jani have mathematical chances to get it. So it’s not all over yet!

A huge thanks to Caroli Kart Center staff for support in organizing the race and major thanks to our participants! As always, you may find race documentation here.