Slawomir’s best season!

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2021 Stockholm GoKart PRIX @ Gokart Stockholm on 20.11.2021

Gokart Stockholm indoor track hosted the 11th race of the season. Slawomir, Mattias and Igor were the top 3 of Q1. In the next qualification session everybody but Slawomir and Mattias were able to improve their times, but that wasn’t enough to beat them. The biggest gainers were Berke who jumped from last to P5 and Kristoffer – P5 after Q1 and P3 after Q2 where Fredrik lost 3 positions and had to start the race from P7.

In the Final race Mattias was visibly faster than Slawek, but the Polish racer was defending wisely during the whole distance. Fredrik overtook Mio for the 6th. Igor was desperately trying to take P3 from Kristoffer, but overcooked it and got stuck in the barrier. Everybody got a room to breathe during a full course yellow while Igor was pulling himself out. Eventually he lost a lap. During a restart Mattias kept searching for some opportunities to get the lead but was still unsuccessful. Fredrik, however, managed to pass Berke for 4th. And that’s how this race ended. Slawomir took his 3rd victory; Kristoffer took his first podium; Berke, Mio and Heino tied their best results; and Igor… With this kind of race he just gives Fredrik more hope for a P3 trophy before the last race of the season.

Race documentation located here.

See you now in Kista where we’ll be having a season’s awarding ceremony right after the race!