Andreas wins in Stockholm

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2022 Stockholm GoKart PRIX @ Gokart Stockholm on 02.04.2022

Stage 2 of season 2022 took place at indoor track Gokart Stockholm. In Qualification only 4 participants out of 11 improved their lap times in Q2. 2 of them were Mattias and Slawomir who jumped up to 2nd and 4th places respectively. Christer didn’t manage to be faster than he was in Q1, but his lap time was enough to secure the first TQ in his career. Andreas got to start from P3.

Right from the start Andreas was pressing Mattias and finally was able to overtake him in the hairpin of lap 1. On the same lap right before the start/finish line Mattias lost another place to Slawek. At the same time Igor took P5 from Fredrik who went a bit wide in the last corner. Now Igor was pressing Mattias and Berke was pressing Fredrik. Christer already went far away in the lead, but Andreas didn’t want to let him go and lap by lap was killing the distance. Meanwhile Igor overtook Mattias for P4 and Berke dove into the hairpin to take P6 from Fredrik.

Mattias didn’t like losing another spot so he tried to take it back from Igor. But something went wrong and Mattias sent Igor into the spin. However Igor didn’t spin completely but lost 2 positions to Mattias and Berke. Mattias felt guilty and wanted to redeem his honest name by letting Igor back to the front. But there was Berke between them who used this situation to his favor and ended up on P4! Just like 2 races ago in Kista when Fredrik did the same action of redemption. Berke once again happened to be in the right place at the right time. Fredrik, by the way, wasn’t able to take advantage of this and instead was being pushed by Tomas who overtook Mio earlier.

In the front Andreas eventually reached Christer, waited for a couple of corners to plan the attack and finally took that P1. Not without the bump. He then led the rest of the race and took the victory! Christer became 2nd and Slawomir, who didn’t have any fight for the whole race, finished 3rd. Igor kept the 4th and Mattias was disappointed with P6 when he started 2nd. Fredrik finished 7th but Tomas almost got him right on the finish line. Their gap was less than a tenth of a second! In the tail of the peloton Heino and Björn switched positions.

After the race Andreas and Christer were called to stewards to talk about the battle for the win. For the long 3 minutes nobody knew what the final decision would be. But all of the parties agreed that there will be no penalty for Andreas and with this he won 2 out of 2 this year! Congrats! For Christer this P2 is his highest finish position in GoKart PRIX. After 2 races Igor went up to Top 3 and Christer together with Slawek appeared in Top 10 of 2022 standings.

Thanks to all the participants and to the nice staff of Gokart Stockholm! You may find race documentation here.