First victory for Fredrik

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2022 Enköping GoKart PRIX @ Enköpings Kartingbana on 23.04.2022

Drivers who participated in 2022 Enköping GoKart PRIX were surprised about how varied their results were after the Qualification session. It turned out that after the winter gokarts weren’t yet properly maintained and their performance was different. With this Organizers decided to split Semi-Final and Final into the groups and the decider of the same finish positions after the Semi-Finals would be the best lap time in Semi-Finals instead of Qualification.

Andreas was fastest in Qualification followed by Mio and Tomas. In Semi-Final group 1 Mattias went up from 3rd to the lead and kept it for the rest of the heat. Igor moved to P2 but later was pressed by Slawomir. They were fighting until the finish line where Igor was a bit quicker and he reserved a place in Final A. In group 2 Andreas couldn’t hold the lead and let Tomas pass. But he didn’t want to give up and was gaining back on Tomas. Fredrik also wanted to be a part of the action and there was a nice 3-way battle. Tomas managed to stay in the front and Fredrik overtook Andreas for a while. And then there was also Berke right behind them hoping for his lucky option. In the end Andreas kept the 2nd place with Tomas winning the heat.

Björn unfortunately couldn’t participate in Final B and therefore wasn’t eligible to score any points for this race. Slawek’s plan was to stay in the lead for the whole run but Fredrik didn’t agree with it and kept searching for ways to overtake the Polish driver. Mio was very fast behind Fredrik but couldn’t find any room to overtake either. After the drivers passed the half of the distance things became interesting – Fredrik overtook Slawek, but then Slawek was about to pass Fredrik back for the lead when Mio overtook them both! Then Fredrik found some extra boost and managed to take back the lead. And after a couple of laps the heat was over. Fredrik moved to Final A.

In Final A Mattias was feeling comfortable in the front while behind him a 4-way battle was happening! Fredrik moved from last to 2nd. Tomas let Igor through. Andreas is stepping on Fredrik’s tail and everybody is reaching Mattias. First it was Fredrik who took him over. Then Igor. Then Andreas. Then Tomas was too optimistic and ended up spinning Mattias. After this Mattias felt that something wrong started to happen with his gokart and at the crucial moment of braking before the 1st corner he lost his brakes. Fortunately he managed to escape the disaster and did some off-roading. But he wasn’t able to proceed and had to retire from the race. Meanwhile Andreas was gaining on Igor for the 2nd. They’ve been fighting for a couple of laps until the moment when they went side-by-side into the last 90-degree corner. Andreas jumped on the curb and landed too wide, making himself as well as Igor out of the track. This was a gift for Tomas who moved to P2. And no matter how Andreas tried to beat him the Lithuanian saved his position until the finish line.

So the winner of the race for the first time in his career is Fredrik! Big congrats! Tomas is 2nd and Andreas 3rd. Despite the 7th place Mio was very happy to set the fastest lap time of the day! In the championship standings Tomas moved up to P2 and Fredrik, Mattias and Igor now have the equal amount of points! But it’s clear that the battle for the season’s P2 will be hot! Thanks to Enköping Hyrkart staff and to all participants! Race documentation is here.