Local drivers covered the whole podium in Örebro

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2022 Örebro GoKart PRIX @ Örebro Kartingring on 15.05.2022

After the indoor race earlier that morning we switched to the outdoor track at Örebro Motorstadion where 3 more local drivers joined us. All of them were faster than the others in Qualification and got themselves the best starting positions in Semi-Final with Petter becoming top qualifier. The fastest from Stockholm was Mattias losing 0,7 of a second to P3.

At the start of the Semi-Final Igor made a nice breakthrough from P6 to P3 by turn 2, but he couldn’t hold this position letting Mikas through. Igor had a chance to fight Mikas, but instead let Mattias and Fredrik pass, finding himself back on P6. Mattias, however, was able to pick up the battle with Niklas and pass him for third. Fredrik was making slight mistakes, but didn’t let Igor perform a successful attack. In the back of the pack Loui was struggling with this track, and Berke used this to overtake him. But in the front Petter was feeling calm and fast by easily winning the heat.

With starting 6th in the Final Igor was hoping for the same breakthrough, but instead lost 1 position to Berke. Mattias, using Mikas’s mistake, got up to P2 right behind Petter. But already the next lap he lost to both Mikas and also Niklas. 3 drivers were still fighting for P2. Behind them Igor after a few laps of fighting overtook first Berke then Fredrik for 5th. Mattias really wanted to be on the podium, so he was constantly trying to find a gap to pass Niklas. Didn’t work out… Meanwhile far away in the front was leading Petter. Eventually he crossed the finish line first and brought almost 7 seconds to the 2nd place Mikas. Niklas was the last who managed to step up on the podium making the all local top 3.

Congrats to the medalists and big thanks to all the participants! Also special thanks to the Örebro Hyrkart staff! Race documentation stored here.