4th victory for Andreas @ MAGP Go-karthallen

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2022 Östergötland GoKart PRIX @ Mattias Andersson Grand Prix Go-karthallen on 20.08.2022

It was supposed to rain in Linköping that day, but the weather had other plans, so it was dry. Track’s gates opened and the 250 m of indoor track converted into 600 m mixed in+outdoor track. The fastest in Qualification was Fredrik who was the only one beating 44 seconds and that way got himself 2nd TQ this season. Right behind him were Igor S, Andreas, Kristoffer and Anatoly who missed the whole previous season but is back on the track!

On the 1st lap of Semi-Final Igor S made a mistake on breaking, went wide in the corner and let Andreas through. On the 2nd lap Igor S made the same mistake in the same corner and almost let Kristoffer pass him. He didn’t feel a grip and was slower than almost everybody else on track collecting a “train” behind himself. 3rd lap, same corner, same mistake and Kristoffer is through. Then there was Anatoly. But Kristoffer somehow lost 3 positions and was already pressed by Mattias. By then Fredrik and Andreas were already far away in the front. Another mistake from Igor S and Tomas is now behind Anatoly. A lot of position changes happened during the first several laps! Fredrik was driving smoothly in the lead and didn’t give Andreas any chance for attack. Tomas was fighting Anatoly and got him at last. Igor S lost another few positions to Berke and Mio. But got himself together and took those positions back. However, the overtake on Berke was a bit dirty so he received a yellow card for that. Fredrik crossed the finish line first and had a good chance of stealing some points from Andreas in the Final. Tomas was the biggest gainer by moving 4 positions up, but Igor S was on the opposite side of that milestone with a loss of 5 spots.

Start of the Final. Fredrik is holding off Andreas. Tomas is right behind them searching for opportunities. But Kristoffer slowed him down a little and almost at the same time Andreas made a move on Fredrik for the lead. Now, Andreas will get more points than Fredrik. But there are still a lot of laps to go and anything can happen. So Fredrik drives as hell to gain on Andreas. On his way he made a couple of mistakes and let Tomas pass by. He was already losing many points, so the nerves were on the edge. That led to another mistake and crash into the wall. He was ok and rejoined the race, but Kristoffer and Mattias took Fredrik’s position. Frustration in the eyes and Anatoly is already pressing. Eventually he couldn’t keep that spot either. What started as a very promising day after Qualification ended up as “a race to forget” for both Fredrik and Igor S. Berke managed to gain 2 positions starting last. Igor K lost 2. Andreas converted his lead into a 4th victory of the season, 4th victory on this track and a 20th victory in his career. Tomas for the 3rd time in a row finishes on P2 and Kristoffer has got his 2nd podium in GoKart PRIX. Congrats!!!

Big thanks to Mattias Andersson and staff at MAGP Go-karthallen as well as all participants! It was a nice race, but it wasn’t the last one of the day!

Race documentation is here.