Andreas took 2nd victory in Norrtälje

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2022 Norrtälje GoKart PRIX @ Gokart För Alla 17.09.2022

For the 3rd time we came to Norrtälje and for the 3rd time the track was wet. Usually in these conditions drivers can really show who adapts better.  In Qualification 5 participants out of 9 showed their best times in between 41 and 42 seconds. 2 drivers made it in between 42 and 43 seconds. Championship rookie Tom’s time was over 44 seconds, but the only one made it quicker than 41. It was Andreas. He just found the best grip and stayed on it earning another TQ for himself.

A lot of soft bumping happened during the 1st lap of the Semi-Final. But there were no investigations needed, so clean racing it was. Andreas was in the lead, Anatoly right behind him. Then Fredrik (up 5 positions), Kristoffer, Tomas and Igor. Then Igor picked up 2 spots, but Kristoffer spun and lost many positions. Tomas didn’t want to let Igor through without the fight. They switched positions a couple of times, but somehow reached Fredrik. Igor passed Fredrik, so did Tomas. Meanwhile Anatoly started to struggle and his gap to Andreas began to increase. This was a good opportunity for Igor. And he used it on the last lap and finished 2nd. Andres was 1st and Tomas 4th.

Race in Norrtälje has its own unique feature: drivers start 3-in-line and are very close to each other. Therefore entering the 1st cornet might be quite tricky, especially when the track is wet. Luckily, everybody passed it without incidents despite the fact that people were running 4-wide at some point. And also the track was already drying up. By turn 2 Anatoly lost 3 positions, but Tomas squeezed himself up to the 2nd. Fredrik and Kristoffer were fighting for the 4th. Right behind them was Mattias. All the drivers were looking for the best grip and trying out new lines. Some used this opportunity better than the others. Igor was doing good on P3, but later through the race he lost one-by-one 3 positions to Fredrik, Kristoffer and Mattias. Andreas, however, found his pace and managed to lap Berke, Tom and even Anatoly who started with him from the same 1st line. So Andreas got his 2nd victory in Norrtälje followed by Tomas (4th second place this season) and Fredrik. That’s how it went.

It was the 10th race out of 13 this season and this means that from the next stage we will be deducting points from those who participated in more than 10 races this season, because only 10 best results will be counted towards the championship. Our season standings are going to look even more confusing will all those different points, but to make it easier for you here is what you need to know:

With this victory and extra points for TQ and best lap Andreas almost reserved another title for himself. With a maximum of 97 points left to distribute he needs only 35 more to earn. It is impossible to do in the next race, but there’s still a scenario when Andreas might become 4-time champion already in Uppsala! He just needs to outscore Fredrik by 8 points and Mattias by 4. After that he doesn’t even have to come for the last 2 races. Even if Fredrik or Mattis gets all the maximum amount of points there, they in best case will tie Andreas who still will be higher in standings due to more victories. Any other outcome in Uppsala will postpone the celebration to Nyköping where Fredrik and Mattias will have much less chances for success unless Andreas will choose not to participate there.

So what we can expect from the ending of this season is the real battle for the runner-up title between Fredrik and Mattias and another battle for the 4th between Tomas and Igor S (if anyone is interested in the battle for the 4th…). There are only 3 races left and drivers will still try their best in every of these races to improve their position in standings no matter where they are today. Everybody will follow their own goals. And we will be following them!

Big thanks to Gokart För Alla staff and to all our participants! Race documentation is under the link below. Next race – Uppsala!