New winner on the new track

Last Updated on 24 March, 2024 by gokartprix

2023 Karlskoga GoKart PRIX @ Gelleråsen Arena on 06.05.2023

We have been waiting 2,5 months for the next GoKart PRIX stage and we got not 1, but 2 races in one day! First, we went to Gelleråsen Arena for the inaugural Karlskoga GoKart PRIX. A perfect smell of the village and burned rubber welcomed us with open arms. A few local drivers joined our race and instantly showed who is the fastest on that track. Kevin, Tyrone and Daniel occupied the whole top 3 of the Qualification with Kevin being the only one who made the lap in less than 44 seconds. And that was a whole second faster than 4th place of Mattias. The rest of the field couldn’t make it out of 45 seconds. Igor S, Berke, Igor K, Mikas and Kristoffer had a lot to think about before the real race began.

In the Semi-Final the first 4 karts haven’t switched places during the whole heat. Nr.5 Igor S was struggling a bit and let Berke go through. When Latvian finally found his pace he was pressing Berke for the good half of the run before finally he made a successful move on the last lap after Berke’s mistake. Behind them another Latvian, Igor K, didn’t feel assigned to him Semi-Final kart and was passed by Mikas and Kristoffer. But nobody could reach Kevin for the heat’s victory and a pole-position start in the Final.

The main run of the race had more interesting moments. Igor S could pass Mattias right from the start for the 4th. Daniel overtook Tyrone on the late braking into the first hairpin, but both went wide and opened the door for Igor S who said: “Thank you” and moved up to the 2nd place. Mattias also wanted to use this perfect opportunity but the door was already closed. Igor S didn’t celebrate for long as he made a couple of small but expensive mistakes that led both Daniel and Tyrone back in front of him. Mattias couldn’t use this door either… 🙂 Behind him Mikas found his pace and overtook Berke for the 5th. Igor K tried to put pressure on Kristoffer, but the Swede didn’t yield and just ran away in the end.

Igor S, remembering last year’s race in Örebro, didn’t want to give the whole podium to the Championship rookies and step by step was closing on Tyrone. Finally he took his chance and got 3rd place. But it was already too far for Daniel’s P2. After the race Igor S was surprised to see Mattias behind him, not Tyrone. Apparently Tyrone didn’t even finish the race. Everybody thought that he had some issues with his gokart, but during the post-race interview he claimed that he is just too old for racing 🙂. However, the victory went to Kevin who was dominating the whole race and didn’t leave any chance for the others by grabbing the most points available for the event. Congrats to the new winner in GoKart PRIX!

We would like to say big Thanks to the Gelleråsen Arena karting track staff as well as to all participants! Race documentation is here. The review on the next race of the day is coming soon.