Tight fight in Kista for a vice-champion title!

Last Updated on 24 March, 2024 by gokartprix

2023 Kista GoKart PRIX @ O’Learys Kista Event Center on 03.12.2023

Tradition continues – for the 10th time in a row we finish our season in Kista! The name of the champion was already known, so the main attention was focused on Kristoffer and Igor S who were fighting for P2 in the overall standings. In Q1 the fastest was Mattias followed by Nicolas and Igor S. Kristoffer showed 4th best lap, and at that point odds were in favor of Igor S. But Q2 changed everything. Kristoffer showed the fastest lap of the day so far! It means that he got TQ and pole position. Mattias started 2nd and Igor S was 3rd. Behind them were Nicolas, Igor K and Björn who returned to championship after more than a year of absence. Welcome back, Björn!!!

Already from the start of the final race Kristoffer was doing everything to maintain his leading position. He had 2 tasks to accomplish: 1 – do not make any mistakes and 2 – do not let anyone through. Mattias was right on his tail and was looking for any gap to dive in. Behind them was Igor S trying to defend his P3 from Nicolas’s attacks. Suddenly Mattias made a tiny mistake and Igor S dove into the hairpin to overtake him. Mattias didn’t want to let go, but he spun letting Nicolas through. Now, Igor S had to catch Kristoffer if he wanted to continue fighting for a vice-championship. The Latvian was trying to run qualification laps to gain any fraction of a second possible to catch the leader. But he made a mistake exiting one of the corners too fast and hit the wall. Nicolas was right there to take P2 from him. With this move Kristoffer’s hopes just got higher.

Now Nicolas started gaining on Kristoffer. Closer with every lap. And eventually the Frenchman caught the Swede. So the defense time began! Nicolas wanted to slide from the left or squeeze from the right, but Kristoffer was always there covering every bit of the track. This fight let Igor S get very close to them. Now it was a 3 way battle. The Latvian was waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and finally dove into turn 1 to overtake Nicolas. Successfully! He got himself on Kristoffer’s back for an epic battle! But the checkered flag waved and the race was over… Kristoffer won his first race in GoKart PRIX and became 2nd in overall standings for 2023! This was also the 1st podium for Nicolas!

After the race there was a celebration event where the best 3 drivers of this season got their trophies. We congratulate Mattias, Kristoffer and Igor S with their achievements! We also thank all the drivers who raced with us this year and all the tracks that hosted our races! You may find documentation here.

Thank you all for being with us this year! We wish you a Merry X-mas and a happy New 2024 Year!