Igor wins in Järfälla and leads the board

Last Updated on 5 May, 2024 by FKC

2024 Järfälla Reverse GoKart PRIX / Gokart Cup Race 2 @ 08 Gokart Hall on 06.04.2024

For the 2nd stage of the season we went back to the same track as we drove in the 1st stage – indoor track in Järfälla. But this time we were racing in the opposite direction. 11 drivers participated in the race. And all of them drove in a single group. We continue cooperation with Gokart Cup, and, like last year in Västerås, this race was a shared event where all participants collected points towards both championships!

Jimmy started the 1st Qualification Heat Race in P1. Berke shared with him the 1st row. But Erik and Mattias took him over already by turn 3. Next was Igor S who also tried to pass Berke, but the Turk was defending hard. That slowed down Igor S and helped Calle take his place. Behind them Joel was dropping down the field. Kristoffer who started last was able to overtake only Björn. Jimmy led the whole time and won the heat. Mattias took away P2 from Erik.

Qualification Heat Race 2 used the reversed starting grid. So, Kristoffer and Björn started from the front row. Johannes overtook Björn right away. Igor K tried to block Igor S, but unsuccessfully. Calle tried to overtake both Igors outside in turn 2, but 3-wide doesn’t work there, so the Swede spun and lost some spots. Björn also kept losing his positions. Jimmy, Erik and Berke who started in the last 3 places were fighting their way up through the field. Berke became the most gainer by winning 5 positions in total. In the front Igor S passed Johannes and quickly gained on the leader Kristoffer. It took half a lap for the Latvian to take away P1 and he never gave it away. Kristoffer finished 2nd, but due to the poor first race finish he would start the final race only 8th.

The final race started with Igor S on pole and Jimmy right next to him. Erik who was 3rd had a chance to overtake Jimmy, but unsuccessfully. Not only them, but also some other drivers got involved in a mess. The luckiest of them all was Igor K who passed them clean and put himself up to the 3rd position right behind Jimmy who managed to save his 2nd spot. Erik lost his momentum and let some drivers through. Mattias won one place and ended up 4th. But it wasn’t easy since Berke gave him some trouble. Calle gained 3 positions and ended up on P6. Kristoffer could only move up one spot and 7th was his best in this race. Igor S had a clean track in front of him and he won the race setting the best lap time of the day. He collected the most points available and jumped into P1 in the leaderboard, while Kristoffer lost some valuable points today. Jimmy finished 2nd. Igor K got 2nd podium in his career by finishing 3rd. Mattias ended on P4 followed by Berke.

Thanks to all participants of this stage! Thanks to Järfälla Hyrkart staff and also to the Gokart Cup group! 2 down 11 to go! Next stage – Enköping!

And here is a link to race documents.