Final medal of 2021 goes to Slawomir!

Last Updated on 24 March, 2024 by gokartprix

2021 Kista GoKart PRIX @ O’Learys Kista Event Center on 04.12.2021

There were only 6 people in the final race of 2021. Champion’s and vice-champion’s titles were already determined. Only the fight for the 3rd trophy was still on. And the fight was real! Igor was a bit quicker than Fredrik in Q1, but Fredrik was a bit quicker than Igor in Q2 as well as overall after the qualification session. Mattias was slightly better than both of them, but the fastest and the only one who could beat 30 seconds on gear 3 was Slawomir who got his 3rd TQ and the best starting position for the race.

Already by the end of lap 1 Igor was able to overtake Fredrik for P3, but was struggling with a balance of the kart which let Fredrik constantly attack Igor to take back his spot. After a couple of laps Igor went a bit wide on a large right-turn hairpin to have better acceleration, but Fredrik managed to get inside and when Igor “closed the door” Fredrik didn’t have anywhere to go. As a result – spin for Igor. However, Fredrik wanted to show that he is a nice guy and he let Igor back by the end of the same lap. But it wasn’t Igor there! It was Berke! Igor was way back in the tail. When Fredrik realized this, he started to attack Berke even harder. But Turk didn’t want to lose this spot because it was a podium spot! He was defending as hard as he could, bumping and sliding all around and praying for this race to finish already! But Fredrik made a couple of mistakes himself and let Berke to take a breath.

In the front everything was calm and quiet. Slawek’s drive was clean and tidy which brought him 4th victory of the season and in his career! Mattias took another medal by finishing 2nd. But it was Berke the one to celebrate! For the first time he finished the race on the podium! Fredrik finished 4th and couldn’t collect enough points to get a season’s 3rd place trophy. Nobody heard or saw Mio during this race as he was very cautious with his driving, but ended up on P5. After the spin Igor was pushing very hard in a test mode for the next season, maybe even too hard as he spun 2 more times.

After the race there was a celebration and prize giving ceremony. Everybody had a really good time. Even Andreas who didn’t race, but joined us that day to make a film about the race as well as get his well deserved 3rd champion’s trophy. Huge thanks to all participants and Andreas as well as O’Learys Kista gokart track staff!

Race documentation here. Season’s final standings are here.