Here’s some season’s 2021 top 10 performance review:

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10th – Igor Kukin

On his 4th year of participating in GoKart PRIX championship Igor continued to show unstable results.
One day he could drive like a pro and the other day – like a complete rookie. That could even happen in
one race. However, he now can be proud of having a victory in his pocket by winning a controversial
Uppsala GoKart PRIX. He happened to be at the right time at the right place. Perhaps this will give him
more confidence in future races.

9th – Heino Karkkonen

Heino is competing 2 years in the championship and he could make some progress. Despite the fact that he didn’t manage to finish any race in top 6, his dedication brought him to row 9 of 27 participants in 2021.

8th – Mio Rogvall

It was a freshman year for Mio in GoKart PRIX. Some tracks he was really good at, but sometime he struggled with finding the best approach on new tracks for him. But he is learning and hoping for the better performance next year. He even started training in online racing to start the next season in a better shape!

7th – Jani Pesonen

With 4 podiums in 5 races Jani demonstrated his ability to show good results and could easily fight for the 2nd place in the season if only he would attend more races. Hopefully he will set a high target for the next season!

6th – Berke Zorlu

On his 2nd year of participation Berke showed that he learns with every race. New tracks, new weather conditions and new obstacles are always welcome in Berke’s mind. Because he knows that with every new difficult race there will be easier later during the regular one. And his results prove this point! Well done!

5th – Sławomir Wachowski

This could definitely be called as the “breakthrough of the year”! Slawomir is racing with us since 2015 but his results were mostly average and he could reach the podium max 1 time per season. But this year something happened. He suddenly won in Järfälla and then, after he finally realized how does it feel to be a winner, took 3 more victories in a row! Too bad that he missed many races. With just 1 more race to go he could easily get a 3rd place trophy! Did we find a next season’s championship contender? ?

4th – Fredrik Stertman

Only 3 races out of 9 participated this season can Fredrik call as bummer. The rest were finished on podiums or close to it. As he also appeared very close to top 3 in final standings. So, Fredrik can be quite glad how his rookie season turned out. With this kind of attitude and determination those trophies can be very reachable.

3rd – Igor Scavlev

This season wasn’t the best for Igor. In fact, it was disappointing. Looking at all those drivers who could really end up in top 3 if only they would participate in more races and combining this with Igor’s results for the last several races, it becomes clear that his performance was average. Last year he also finished 3rd, but he had 2 wins back then, where now he’s got a trophy mostly thanks to circumstances. Igor needs to improve if he wants to keep getting those cups.

2nd – Mattias Norling

No doubt season 2021 was the best for Mattias in GoKart PRIX championship. He started the year with his first win and then could climb on podium 7 more times. He won the Challenge CUP and was able to create a nice big points’ gap to Igor, so that he reserved 2nd place already before the season ended. But it was impossible to reach number 1 this time…

1st – Andreas Lamnerius

Andreas broke many championship’s records this year: the most amount of TQ’s, podiums and victories all-time; the most amount of tracks conquered; the only champion with back-to-back titles and, in fact, the only multiple champion. He also tied his own record from 2018 by gaining the most amount of championship points during a single season – 271! He participated in 9 races this year and never finished lower than 2nd! Only Slawomir and Jani could really show him their fangs, but unfortunately (not for Andreas ?) for only a short period of time. He clinched the title 2 races before the season’s end and decided to chill and let the others have their moment of glory. Is there someone who can really challenge Andreas next season?

Again, thank you everyone for participation! We will be back very soon with another year full of challenges!

GoKart PRIX staff