Our first Winter Cup was a success!

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2022 I Järfälla GoKart PRIX Winter Cup @ Järfälla Kartbana on 12.02.2022

It’s been several attempts for us trying to organize an outdoor event during the winter time, but it was always something that just didn’t work out. Finally we managed to drive on the track while there still was some ice left on the ground. After a couple of laps of practice we understood that turn 1 isn’t going to be an easy one.

In Qualification Heat Race 1 people were sliding here and there and switching places. But P1 was reserved for Andreas who started 1st and finished 1st without making any mistake. Berke, Fredrik and Igor S spun and ended up in the back. It didn’t work out for Tomas either, who lost 4 positions, where Mio, Igor K and Johan finished on higher positions than they started.

In Heat 2 Johan and Igor K gained some places again while the rest struggled. By the beginning of lap 3 Andreas who started 8th was already fighting Igor S and Johan for the lead by making the 3rd line before turn 2 and eventually took P1 again.

The biggest gainers in Heat 3 were Igor S (+4 positions) and Johan (+7 positions). Andreas started 6th but again was able to crawl into the lead overtaking Igor K who was a bit slow in turn 1. It looked like there was no option for any other outcome, but suddenly Andreas made a rare mistake and spun in turn 2 letting many other drivers pass by. Now there were 2 Igors fighting for this heat’s win. In the last corner of lap 4 Igor S dove inside, took P1 from Igor K and didn’t give it back.

Andreas and Johan ended qualification heat races with the same amount of qualification points, but Andreas had 2 wins and therefore got his 12th TQ and pole-position start. But after the lights went out Johan was able to enter turn 1 as leader. Then Mattias took over the lead letting Andreas and Johan fight behind him. They were followed by Fredrik and Tomas who were trying to overtake Igor K who was struggling in a new kart. And they both made it happen. On lap 2 Johan overcook it and spun losing all positions. Now Igor S was 3rd. But not for long. Fredrik made a nice move on him in turn 1 and took P3. Andreas was chasing Mattias who felt a bit nervous about that and eventually made a mistake, but at least was able to hold P2. Tomas saw Fredrik’s nice move on Igor S and copied it successfully. Fredrik could’t hold P3 as he pressed the brakes on a slippery surface and spun letting everybody through. He was then able to get a couple of places back from Mio and Johan who decided to do some offroading. Twice. Then Fredrik got Igor K and almost reached Berke, but the race was over. Nothing has changed in the front – Andreas perfectly finished the race on P1 and got his debut victory in Järfälla which made him also the first winner of GoKart PRIX Winter Cup. Second was Mattias and a nice drive from Tomas brought him 3rd place and 6th podium in his career.

It was a nice race that was filled with emotions about how different the track surface was. Well deserved win for Andreas and sorry for those who couldn’t manage to tame the track conditions. But big thanks to all participants and Järfälla Kartbana staff! Racing documents are stored here: