At last Igor gets the trophy!

Last Updated on 24 March, 2024 by gokartprix

2021 GoKart PRIX Challenge CUP @ Gokartcentret i Uppsala on 12.03.2022

Our Challenge CUP of 2021 took place earlier this month in Uppsala. Igor started the challenge by winning Heat 1 with even better lap time than was best last year! Mattias was slower by 0,275 seconds and Berke added just 0,143 seconds to it. For Tomas it was a new track so Heats 1 and 2 were some sort of learning sessions for him. If last year there was only one Heat win for Igor, this year he managed to win the first 3 Heats with Mattias right behind him. But Tomas could improve his lap times and starting from Heat 3 he was faster than Berke while Igor and Mattias continued to build up their gap. In fact it was Igor who continued setting the best times of every Heat.

After Heat 4 the gap between Igor and Mattias was already 0,443 seconds which would be very difficult to gain but not impossible. However, Mattias’ hopes disappeared after Heat 5 when the gap reached almost 6 tenths of a second. The last heat just increased the time window up to 0,647 seconds. With this performance Igor won every Heat, which matched Niklas Enholm’s achievement of 2019, and finally received his long awaited Challenge CUP! Igor is the only driver that participated in every GoKart PRIX Challenge CUP but he managed to win the trophy only at his 8th attempt. Congrats to Igor, but we’ll be waiting till the next Challenge CUP!

Event documents are stored here.